Govorilka 2.22

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Govorilka is unique software, providing voice reading, printed in any Windows-program. Voice engine is to be installed in the operating system for program functioning.

There are some cases, when program is pronouncing words or word combinations incorrectly. But Govorilka is able to correct pronunciation: for this purpose special pronunciation dictionary is created for every voice engine. This dictionary can be widened while working with program. In such a dictionary pronunciation can be set not only just for words, but for abbreviations, abridgement, and even word combination as well.

Features of Govorilka:

- Text read recording in the sound file (*.WAV, *MP3).
- Increasing reading speed.
- Breaking text recorded on pieces with size set.
- Reading speed and voice height regulating.
- Reading from the Clipboard.
- Automatic text following (scrolling for the text is being read to be visible on the screen).
- Option of colored lightening of the text being read.
- Pronunciation dictionaries allowing adjustment and addition.
- Reading extra size files in Windows and DOS encoding.
- Opening files from MS Word and JTML.
- No limit for text being read.
- Remembering text and cursor position after quitting the Govorilka.

Changes in recent version

Author: Anton Ryazanov
Price: Free
Windows: 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP

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