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Guitar Pro is an application for editing guitar tablatures and note scores.‭ ‬Unlike similar applications,‭ ‬it features a large number of sound and playing effects and the option to export its files into poplar audio formats.

Guitar Pro allows you to write,‭ ‬edit and play music for guitar,‭ ‬bass,‭ ‬and ukulele.‭ ‬Also,‭ ‬this software allows making music scores for brass,‭ ‬strings,‭ ‬drums and piano instruments.

Key features of Guitar Pro

  • ‭Recording music tablatures and scores for guitar,‭ ‬bass,‭ ‬banjo.
  • ‭Writing music scores for other types of musical instruments.
  • ‭Ability to tie lyrics to the score.
  • ‭Built-in guitar chord generator and chord detector.
  • ‭Export of ready music scores to MIDI,‭ ‬GPX,‭ ‬ASCII,‭ ‬WAV,‭ ‬PNG,‭ ‬MusicXML,‭ ‬PDF,‭ ‬GP5.
  • ‭Printing music score sheets.
  • ‭Import from MIDI,‭ ‬ASCII,‭ ‬Power Tab,‭ ‬TablEdit,‭ ‬MusicXML.
  • ‭View the played score on a virtual fretboard,‭ ‬piano keyboard or the panel.
  • ‭Lots of useful tools such as the built-in metronome,‭ ‬guitar tuner,‭ ‬the tool for transposing tracks,‭ ‬adjustable tempo.
  • ‭Tools for adding guitar playing effects to the score.
  • ‭Highest possible level of similarity to the organic guitar sound.
  • ‭Ability to add various effects in real time.
  • ‭Library of music scores.

Changes in recent version

Price: $75.00
Windows: 7, 8, 10

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