HWiNFO 7.26

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HWiNFO is an application for collecting and displaying detailed information about your PC’s hardware.‭ Unlike the alternative applications by other vendors, this one features a long list of supported PC components and fairly frequent updates allowing you to get started with new hardware in no time.‬‬

HWiNFO ‭maintains an accurate monitoring of all system components by detecting devices installed in the PC ‬and analyzing their status based on the data gathered from the system detectors.‭ In addition, the application generates convenient reports that can be used for eventual analysis.‬‬

Key features of ‬HWiNFO

  • ‭Real-time monitoring.‬‬
  • ‭Tree view of the system components.‬‬
  • ‭Detecting the models of all components and their specifications.‬‬
  • ‭Showing hardware temperature and voltage and other kinds of information retrieved from system sensors.‬‬
  • Performance testing of system components.
  • Ability to create and save several kinds of reports as text files, spreadsheets, graphs, log files, etc.
  • ‭‬Ability to export reports into CSV,‭ ‬HTML,‭ ‬EXT,‭ ‬XML and‭ ‬MHTML formats.‬‬‬‬‬
  • ‭Support for the newest technologies and standards.‬‬
  • ‭Configurable multi-option interface.‬‬‬
  • ‭Interaction with other tools.‬‬

Changes in recent version

Author: Martin Malík
Price: Free
Windows: XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10

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