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IncrediMail‭ is a simple and neat program providing simultaneous access to several email accounts.‭ It stands out for its interesting special effects for the decoration of outgoing mail.‬‬‬‬‬‬

The program allows you to manage all email messages, connections, contacts and email transactions.‭ It comprises a vast database of clip arts that add a cheerful and natural touch to email correspondence.‬‬‬

Key features of IncrediMail:

‭- Ability to manage email from different accounts in a single place.‬‬‬
‭- Grouping messages from different accounts in one folder.‬‬‬
‭-‬ POP/SMTP and IMAP support.‬‬
‭- Preview of email headers on the server for manual selection.‬‬‬
‭- ‬Ability to delete emails prior to downloading them.‬‬‬
‭- ‬Export of all user settings, email database and contact list to a different workstation.‬‬‬
‭- ‬Shortcuts to provide quick access to certain functions.‬‬‬
‭- Notifications of incoming emails by special animated characters.‬‬‬
‭- Broad selection of backgrounds for outgoing emails.‬‬‬
‭- Diversifying emails with animations, static and moving smileys and sound effects.‬‬‬
‭- ‬Sending Ecards.‬‬‬
‭- ‬Ability to update illustrations and clip arts from the web.‬‬‬
‭- ‬A tool for editing handwritten signatures using your mouse cursor.‬‬‬

Changes in recent version (change history)

Author: Perion Network Ltd.
Price: Free
Windows: XP, Vista, 7

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