Internet Explorer


- Improved detection and removal malicious scheduled tasks, system services and drivers.
- Enhanced design.


- VS 2015 code style.
- add new spying tasks.
- add auto-update.
- add new spying hosts.

Internet Explorer 11.0.35:

- Fixed Bugs.

Internet Explorer 11.0.34:

- Fixed Bugs.

- Continually expanded database to remove the latest threats.
- Added the removal of DNS Unlocker, Magical Find, Trade Exchange, hijacker, etc.
- Enhanced the stability for better Win 10 support.
- Updated localization files.
- Fixed general bugs.

Internet Explorer 11.0.22:

- Fixed Bugs.

Internet Explorer 11.0.14:

- 16 security updates.

Internet Explorer 11.0.9:

- Fixed Bugs.

Internet Explorer 11.0.9:

- Fixed Bugs.

Internet Explorer 11.0.7:

- Enterprise Mode, which was previously developed for Windows 8.1 Update exclusively, on Windows 7 computers.
- New enhancements for the F12 Developer Tools, including an improved UI and Memory features, but also some minor changes to the Debugger.

Internet Explorer 11.0.4:

- Fixed Bugs.

Internet Explorer 11.0.3:

- Fixed Bugs.

Internet Explorer 11.0.9600:

- Compatibility enhancements.
- WebGL and High DPI support.
- Optimized for touch screens.
- Powerful developer tools for creating Windows Store apps using JavaScript.
- Fast website loading (prerender and prefetch, caching and prioritization).
- Enhanced view of websites and Windows Store apps using JavaScript.
- Tile support and tile notifications with RSS.
- Personalized look and better integration with the Windows environment.

Internet Explorer 10.0:

- On Windows 8, Internet Explorer divided into two editions with different user interfaces.
- The new browser also offers faster interactivity and JavaScript performance while reducing CPU usage and improving battery life on mobile PCs.
- Web application security is improved with markup and support for HTML5 Sandbox and iframe isolation.
- Improves the performance of scalable vector graphics (SVG) and HTML4 constructs.
- IE 10 loads web pages 20 percent faster than previous versions.
- On Windows 8, Internet Explorer 10 includes a built-in Adobe Flash Player.
- Introduces a new feature called Flip Ahead
- CSS3 support, hardware acceleration.

Internet Explorer 9.0:

- Performance improvements.
- New Tab page.
- Notification Bar.
- One Box.
- Pinned Sites.
- Tab enhancements.
- Web-focused browsing.
- ActiveX Filtering.
- Add-on Performance Advisor.
- Compatibility View.
- Cross-site scripting filter.
- Domain highlighting.
- Download Manager.
- InPrivate Browsing.
- SmartScreen Filter.
- Tab isolation and recovery.
- Tracking Protection.