- Fixed Toolbar position problem on HiDPI.
- Improved M4A support.
- Improved Gapless.


- Removed Video Conversion / mp3PRO encoder.
- Requires LAME MP3 encoder for mp3 encoding.
- Supports madVR & xySubFilter.
- Improves EQ.

jetAudio 8.0.17:

- Removed upsampling in MP3 decoder.
- Displays multiple subtitles simultaneously.
- Improved sound quality when changing speed.
- Fixed bugs.

jetAudio 8.0.16:

- Smaller font size for subtitle display.
- Fixed CD ripping - track skipped when ripping to FLAC.
- Some audio codecs were removed from internal audio decoder.
- Fixed other minor bugs.

jetAudio 8.0.15:

- Support tooltips for mts, m2t, m2ts.
- Changed to smaller font size.
- Support Style for some subtitle format.
- Support PGS (Presentation Graphic Stream) subtitle for m2ts format.
- Chapter support for MKV/MP4.
- Support MPLS (Blu-ray playlist) file format.
- Fixed bugs.

jetAudio 8.0.14:

- Added COWON V5S/C2 to video presets.
- Fixed bugs.

jetAudio 8.0.12:

- Fixed Bugs.

jetAudio 8.0.11:

- Support COWON D3 for video conversion.
- Update OGG vorbis engine to latest version.
- Fixed bugs.

jetAudio 8.0.10:

- Fixed Bugs.

jetAudio 8.0.9:

- Supports COWON X7.
- Fixed installer for Plus Update.
- Fixed other minor bugs.

jetAudio 8.0.8:

- Added some string resources for file extension (will be added in LDK later).
- Support VP8 video decoding in internal video decoder.
- Added RAW format audio plugin for AC3/DTS/AAC formats.
- Fixed other minor bugs.

jetAudio 8.0.7:

- Some OGV format did not play properly.
- Support M3U8 file extension.
- Fixed other minor bugs.

jetAudio 8.0.6:

- New Audio plugins.
- Support 48KHz when converting audio.
- Support multichannel when converting audio files WVP, WAV, OGG, TTA, FLAC.
- Supoort multichannel when converting video -> audio.
- Can edit tag for M4A format.
- Fixed bugs.