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JoyToKey is a program for controlling any operations with a joystick. The app can be configured for any program and supports a maximum of 16 joysticks. JoyToKey works with games, web-browsers, office or any other applications as well as Windows itself. Joystick sticks and buttons emulate keyboard operations and mouse inputs based on the configuration files so the targeted application thinks users are working with a real keyboard and mouse.

Users can also create and implement different configuration files when needed. Different keyboard combinations can be assigned for one joystick button, like Ctrl+Alt+Del, and cursor movements, clicks and scrolling can be emulated. JoyToKey supports automatic associations for configuration files - they will be enabled automatically when users change the target application.

JoyToKey main features:

- Allows joysticks to emulate keyboard and mouse operations.
- Supports web browsers, games, office applications and even Windows.
- Supports up to 16 joysticks.
- Supports multiple configuration files.
- Ability to assign different keyboard combinations for one joystick button.
- Emulates cursor movements, clicks and scrolling.
- Supports automatic configuration associations for target applications.

Changes in recent version

Author: Ryo Ohkubo
Price: Free
Windows: XP

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