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Key Switcher switches keyboard as you type! No need to press Alt+Shift when typing in different languages. Over 25 different languages and dialects are supported. Key Switcher also corrects common typing mistakes and accidental capitalization errors.

Features of Key Switcher:

- Very easy to install and use. Everything "just works".
- Unrivaled automatic language detection and keyboard switching.
- Support for multiple languages in any combination.
- Fast language detection after 2-5 letters entered.
- Detection of partial words (e.g. suffix changes during text editing).
- Special detection logic for different types of text (e.g. documents, spreadsheets, programming).
- Undo hot-key ("Break" by default) and smart undo on "Backspace".
- Automatic learning on undone mistakes.
- Additonal key combinations for manual keyboard selection.
- Exclude infrequently used languages from the selection cycle.
- Floating indicators showing language change near the cursor (i.e. where your eyes are).
- On-the-fly correction of common typing mistakes.
- Automatic and manual correction of incorrect characher case mistakes.
- Text completion or expansion of word shortcuts.
- 64-bit support is limited to applications running in 32-bit mode.


In some rare cases with Windows Vista and Windows 7, the program may not work correctly if it was launched using the "Run KeySwitcher" option during the installation. The problem goes away when the program is launched manually. Also make sure that the program is installed into a subfolder under the "Program Files" folder. It may not work in other locations.

Changes in recent version

Author: Михаил Морозов
Price: Free
Windows: XP, 2000, Vista, 7

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