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KindlePreviewer is a free software for desktops that provides book authors and publishers with the function of preview of their own publications. The program allows to see future electronic documents before they are released on different mobile devices – ebooks, smartphones and tablets.

You can’t modify file marking, edit, add or delete its content using KindlePreviewer. Instead, different formatting options are available, for example, font style, text size, orientation, etc.

Some novelties are introduced into the program for clear and accurate display of documents on the devices that use the electronic inks technologies, in particular, E-Ink. Among them are the following: aligning, spacing between words, hyphenation, support of kerning and ligatures.

Besides that, the previewer has the ability to quickly find the pages that contain images, links, tables and characters which size doesn’t change after decreasing or increasing of the point size.

The software’s interface doesn’t have much of the modern options. There are no floating and expanding panels, colorful themes, browser-like tabs and many more.

From the whole list of electronic publications, KindlePreviewer works mainly with the proprietary file formats. Unfortunately, it does not support FB2 documents.


  • Supports the following file formats: AZW, MOBI, PRC, EPUB, HTML, DOC (DOCX) and other.
  • User manual.
  • Hot keys and the Drag`n`drop function.


  • Slow performance speed.
  • Quite high system requirements.
  • Small number of tools.
  • Few supported file formats.
  • Clumsy interface. No way to expand or shrink any of the panels.
  • Some books of the supported formats like EPUB may not contain some operation information, and thus, will not open by the previewer.


Program launch from desktop has a delay. The interface files launch slowly as well. The software can’t boast about high performance speed and advanced tools but it still does its job and may be useful for book designers during lay-out creation for the Amazon readers.


KindlePreviewer should not be placed in the protected or system folders by default. If you try to install it in the Program Files folder, you will get an Error message.

Changes in recent version

Author:, Inc.
Price: Free
Windows: 8.1, 10

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