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Krita is a multifunctional open source tool that serves to create bitmap graphic images. The program is targeted at artists and photographers and due to many tutorials it will suit both professionals and amateurs.

The project offers a huge choice of available options like layers management, brush creation, filters and masks, choosing palettes depending on different color schemes and many more. All this brings the program to the level of the best graphic editors.

The in-built Krita’s tools are compatible with the modern graphic tablets that are comfortable to use due to brush stabilization system. As a result, it’s much more easy to draw straight and free lines now, users should not worry about their shaky hands anymore. The powerful engine for author brush creation is one of the biggest advantages of the editor. It has an impressive number of options, you can set color, form and density of the print. Also, you can download additional packages with brushes and textures from the Internet.

The program’s interface is presented in several color versions. The control elements are arranged in a similar way like in other popular editors that makes learning Krita much easier and allows to focus on the creative side of the working process. Besides that, user can change the working area like he wants removing needless options and leaving the ones that he uses often.

The program supports many graphic file formats including the PSD layout that helps the author to cooperate with other artists with different image editors within a single project.


  • Free of charge.
  • Supports х86 and х64 processors.
  • Supports work with layers.
  • Custom brush creation.
  • Brush stabilization system.
  • Quick pattern creation.
  • Supports the PSD format.
  • Supports HDR.
  • Flexible interface. It’s possible to create your own working area.
  • Ready templates of brushes, textures, documents, etc.


The editor has rather high system requirements. Some functions cause big delays on slow computers. In general, the program can easily replace most of the commercial solutions for bitmap graphic editing.

Changes in recent version

Author: The Krita Team
Price: Free
Windows: 8, 10

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