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LightBox Free Image Editor

LightBox Free Image Editor is universal editor, perfect both for novice users and professionals. This simple, but powerful tool unites two main features: professional image quality and easiness to-use. Program is fast in launching and operating. To those who just took in working with program editor helps with user-friendly interface and help system. LightBox Free Image Editor controls are working together with image, so that user can study operating with program by experiments.

There is detailed enlarged manual, which can be quickly examinated for getting image high quality. Advanced features include color balance, Remove Color Casts with our new Gray Point algorithms helping to get rid of those underlying color casts, when color cast isn't obvious, but still affecting image.

Unlike web-based image editors, LightBox Free Image Editor is very powerful. Since it runs on your machine, you can simply launch it: there is no download or upload time. Most core routines are written in machine-level code, what means that the actions is very fast and real-time, bringing results (16-bit-per-channel) immediately. Images can be also printed, croped, resized, rotated, and you can undo/redo action etc.

Features of LightBox Free Image Editor:

- Supports Jpeg, RAW, 48-bits .tiff and .bmp files.
- Tint and Temperature technology color toner.
- Red-Eye Remover with face-detection technology.
- Smart-Fill  Light technology - filling in shadows while keeping your image looking real.
- Fast lightening configuration.

Changes in recent version

Author: 19th Parallel, LLC
Price: Free
Windows: XP, Vista

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