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Magic Mail Monitor

Magic Mail Monitor is a small free application for monitoring unlimited email accounts. It sits in your system tray and notifies you about new messages with a sound alert and a pop-up window. You can then preview message headers and remove the unwanted or useless ones.

Magic Mail Monitor allows you to schedule an automated check of your email accounts and offers several options for notifying you of new messages. The simple interface makes this program very user-friendly.

Key features of Magic Mail Monitor:

- Support for unlimited email accounts.
- POP3 support.
- Correct detection of KOI8 and UTF8 encoding in headers.
- Checking for new email automatically.
- Sound notification of new messages.
- Settings for the scheduled email check.
- Notifications of new email with message header preview.
- Removing unwanted and junk mail directly from the server.
- Adjustable filters.
- Friend lists.
- SSL support for Gmail, Yahoo etc.

Changes in recent version (change history)

Author: Valeriy Ovechkin
Price: Free
Windows: XP, Vista

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