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Download Агент Агент Agent is the most popular Russian program for exchange of instant messages. Agent will help you to stay in touch with your old friends and finding new contacts, open broad opportunities for interesting and emotional online communication.

Besides basic IM functionality (presence, contact list, sending text messages, file transfers, message history, etc) M-Agent also provides online gaming, peer-to-peer voice calls, video calls, low-rate VoIP calls, free SMS, automatic mail checking and other useful features.

Features of Agent:

- Talk with your counterparts in real-time mode.
- Make inter-city and international calls for fantastically low costs.
- Send SMS to your friends' mobiles and receive answers for free.
- Communicate with voice with other Agent users.
- Play your favourite games with friends – chess, draughts and sea fight.
- Expand communication circle, find new counterparts from your region by personal data.
- Express your feelings more fully, use the arsenal of 64 smiles and gestures.
- ВChoose communication circle, Antispam system will protect you from uncalled counterparts.
- Send interesting flash-toons, they will clearly show your mood and attitude to the counterpart.
- Be always sure that you are using the latest version of Agent.
- Make video-calls using web-camera – this will help you to vividly see counterpart’s emotions.
- Set the window colours of the program to your own taste.
- Make your counterpart to react – try to wake him up.
- Send photos and other files to counterparts via Agent – this is more convenient and faster than by e-mail.
- Check if your messages are grammatically correct, the function of spelling check will help you not to commit errors.

Changes in recent version

Author: Mail.Ru
Price: Free
Windows: XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10

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