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MediaFire is a cloud web service for storing all types of information. Unlike most analogs, it not only allows you to store multimedia files, but also to play them directly from network directories.

MediaFire makes it possible to store the archive of photos, videos, audio materials and documents. In addition, the service allows you to exchange files via email, social networks or by copying the link to send it to the desired program.

Key features of MediaFire:

- 10 GB of free space on the MediaFire cloud.
- Access control.
- Encrypted connection.
- HTTPS protocol access excluding the risk of interception by other persons.
- Search function, filters.
- Integrated office.
- Viewing text documents, spreadsheets and presentations.
- Creating folders and files; management.
- Viewing media files without loading.
- Automatic upload of camera files in the repository.
- Integrated musical player.
- Airplay support for playing music and video.
- Granting access to the selected files via email as well as via Twitter, Facebook, Weibo or using a copied link.
- Unlimited traffic and downloads.
- Simultaneous hundreds or even thousands of file downloads using any browser.
- Using one-time links which the recipient cannot share with anyone else.

Changes in recent version

Author: MediaFire
Price: Free
Windows: 7, 8, 10

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