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MediaPortal 2

MediaPortal 2 is the second version of the legendary MediaPortal for Windows PC. The application is a real multimedia combine with huge functionality for working with graphics, video, audio and other multimedia files. It is distributed open source and is completely free.

The main motivation behind the creation of MediaPortal 2 was the desire to take advantage of the positive and negative experiences of MP1, put them together and start creating a new and improved version of the Media Portal.

Opportunities Media Portal

  • Plays video and audio files of all popular formats (even DVD).
  • Capture and record streaming video in real time.
  • Viewing, composing, converting graphic files.
  • Tuning and listening to radio stations via the FM tuner.
  • Viewing and managing TV channels.
  • Organization of a database of multimedia files with its own rating, fast search and easy navigation.

Differences between MediaPortal 2 and MediaPortal 1

  • Develops more intensively.
  • Support for multiple clients.
  • Data synchronization.
  • Low resource usage and fast startup.
  • The presence of channel logos.
  • Support picture-in-picture function.
  • Full modular design prevents the possibility of conflicts between installed plugins.
  • Displays additional information about the content (genre, summary, actors, as well as the number of plays, viewing status, and the time the media was last played).
  • Fewer plugins are available than for MP1.
  • Considered less stable than MP1.

Changes in recent version

Author: MediaPortal
Price: Free
Windows: 7, 8, 10

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