MEGAsync 4.5.3

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MEGAsync is a client for MEGA cloud storage. This file storage service provides the greatest amount of available free gigabytes (50 GB).

MEGAsync provides a simple automated synchronization between the PC and the cloud disk. The client encrypts all user data with end-to-end encryption which makes it impossible to intercept it during storage or transportation.

Key features of MEGAsync:

- 50 GB of initial free disk space.
- Uploading and storing information on a third-party disk.
- Sharing files with other users by sending links or using encrypted access.
- Encrypting files in the browser by using the AES algorithm.
- Providing protection against unauthorized access.
- Encrypting links for transferring files.
- Multichannel data transmission.
- Synchronizing folders from PC into cloud folders.
- Parallel synchronization of any number of folders.
- Multilanguage capability.
- Setting the number of parallel connections to download the file.
- Setting the number of parallel connections during file download.
- Setting download speed restrictions.
- Creating, renaming, editing folders and subfolders.
- Authorizing folder sharing, read-only or read-write privilege.
- Unlimited number of users who can be allowed access.
- In the case of an encrypted link, the ability to download a file with only a special security code.
- In the case of an unencrypted link, the file is transferred in an encrypted form, its decryption is possible only after the user follows the link.

Changes in recent version

Author: Mega Limited
Price: Free
Windows: Vista, 7, 8, 10

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