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MEmu is a emulator of the Android OS that is designed for launching mobile applications on computers under control of Windows. The virtualization mechanisms are the core of the program and they allow to start several independent operating systems (Windows and Android in this case) using the same computing capacity.

The main purpose of the emulator is launching the Android games without using a phone or a tablet. Along with that, flexible settings of your own “device” are available and they are limited only by the potential of your PC. Also, the program supports joysticks, gamepads and wheels. Assigning mobile functions to keys of a keyboard will make gameplay very comfortable.

Launch of the applications which cannot work without geolocation attachment is made with the help of the built-in GPS location simulator. Thus, different maps, trackers, e-shops, schedules and meteorological service become available for users.

Another advantage of the program is an ability to launch popular messengers that is important if a user doesn’t have an Android device that allows him to stay in touch with colleagues and friends.

The emulator’s interface is designed in dark tones. The control panel is a set of icons and placed in a separate area on the side of the virtual screen. Quick installation of the applications can be performed due to the “drag-n-drop” option when you simply drag the APK-files to the working area of the program. In order to use several game accounts for a single game, a user can create, delete and duplicate virtual devices, and switching between the OS versions will allow him to launch most of the Google Play applications.


  • The product is distributed for free.
  • Supports modern operating systems of the Windows family.
  • Flexible options that include emulation of various hardware parameters – general system performance, number of processor cores, RAM volume, frequency and screen resolution, virtual device model, communications service provider, phone number and IMEI, MAC-addresses, etc.
  • Supports several Android versions.
  • You can create and control several virtual devices.
  • Simulation of GPS locations.
  • Supports game devices.
  • Assigning mobile functions to keys of a keyboard.
  • Supports the “drag-n-drop” function.
  • Sync between emulator and physical device.


  • Ads.
  • Quite high system requirements. You must have a processor that supports hardware virtualization.


MEmu emulator allows you to try the Android system before you buy a device. Speaking about games, user will be able to have positive experience on a big screen having all the resources of high-performance systems.


Operability of the program is not possible with the processors that do not support the hardware virtualization technology Intel VT-x or AMD-V.

Changes in recent version

Author: Microvirt
Price: Free
Windows: XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10

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