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MESS‭ (‬Multi Emulator Super System‭) ‬is a MAME core based emulator for computer systems and game consoles.‭ ‬MESS can emulate computer platforms,‭ ‬console and portable gaming systems and even calculators.

MESS may not be the fastest emulator for a particular system but it has accuracy that is useful for game developers.‭ ‬MESS currently supports over‭ ‬668‭ ‬systems with‭ ‬1748‭ ‬system variations and some more are under development.‭ ‬The emulator uses additional tools and drivers to make the emulation a possibility.‭ ‬MESS does not emulate the systems directly,‭ ‬it emulates the hardware and ROM images.‭ ‬MESS supports such popular systems as Atari,‭ ‬Apple I/Apple II/Apple III,‭ ‬Game Boy,‭ ‬Super Game Boy,‭ ‬Sega Mega Drive,‭ ‬IBM PC,‭ ‬MSX/MSX2,‭ ‬Nintendo,‭ ‬Super Nintendo,‭ ‬Pocket Computer,‭ ‬Sony PlayStation,‭ ‬ZX‭ ‬Spectrum and much more.‭ ‬MESS and MAME have the same source repository and they are being developed together,‭ ‬anyone who knows the C programming language can contribute to the project,‭ ‬as MESS is open source.

MESS main features:

- Supports computer platforms,‭ ‬console and portable gaming systems and calculators.
- Supports‭ ‬668‭ ‬systems with‭ ‬1748‭ ‬system variations.
- Emulates hardware and ROM images.
- Compatible with Atari,‭ ‬Apple,‭ ‬Game Boy,‭ ‬Super Game Boy,‭ ‬Nintendo,‭ ‬Super Nintendo,‭ ‬Sega Mega Drive,‭ ‬IBM PC,‭ ‬MSX,‭ ‬MSX2,‭ ‬Sony PlayStation,‭ ‬ZX Spectrum and much more.
- Open source.

Changes in recent version

Author: MESS Team
Price: Free
Windows: XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10

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