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mHotspot‭ ‬is a completely free program for creating‭ ‬a‭ ‬secure‭ ‬Wi-Fi access‭ ‬point on your laptop or‭ ‬desktop with a Wi-Fi-module.‭ ‬This utility will be handy in cases when it is necessary to‭ ‬share the Internet connection on multiple devices.‭ ‬mHotspot supports encryption algorithms,‭ ‬thereby providing a secure connection without risk of leakage of confidential information.

To start‭ ‬the‭ ‬access point,‭ ‬you need to enter‭ ‬its name‭ ‬in mHotspot,‭ ‬then‭ ‬a password,‭ ‬and define the maximum‭ ‬admissible‭ ‬number of connected devices.‭ ‬It is possible to view statistics‭ ‬of the‭ ‬created connection and a list of connected clients‭ ‬within the‭ ‬program window.‭

mHotspot key features:

-‭ ‬Expansion of Wi-Fi range,‭ ‬execution of the repeater functions.‭ ‬
-‭ ‬Support of LAN,‭ ‬Ethernet,‭ ‬3G‭ ‬/‭ ‬4G,‭ ‬Wi-Fi,‭ ‬etc.‭ ‬connection protocols.‭ ‬
-‭ ‬Connection of‭ ‬up‭ ‬to‭ ‬10‭ ‬devices to‭ ‬the access point.‭ ‬
-‭ ‬Opening of‭ ‬the network‭ ‬access to smart phones,‭ ‬music players,‭ ‬tablets,‭ ‬and‭ ‬other devices.‭ ‬
-‭ ‬Providing information about the connected gadgets‭ (‬name,‭ ‬IP‭ ‬address,‭ ‬MAC‭ ‬address‭)‬.‭ ‬
-‭ ‬Demonstration of download speed,‭ ‬data‭ ‬transfer rate and other information about using the network.‭ ‬
-‭ ‬High-speed video stream.‭ ‬
-‭ ‬No need for any external hardware.‭ ‬
-‭ ‬Consumption of small‭ ‬RAM volume.‭ ‬
-‭ ‬Ability to self-install the access point name,‭ ‬password,‭ ‬and‭ ‬Internet source.‭ ‬
-‭ ‬Background operation.‭ ‬
-‭ ‬Encryption support.

Changes in recent version

Author: mHotspot
Price: Free
Windows: XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10

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