Microsoft Visual Studio 17.2.5

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Microsoft Visual Studio

Microsoft Visual Studio is a multifunctional integrated development environment (IDE) for developing software for Windows. With this tool developer will be able to automate the work on the project and significantly speed up the coding process.

Microsoft Visual Studio provides access to a complete set of tools for all stages of development, from initial concept to final deployment and testing.

Features of Microsoft Visual Studio

  • Local development with support for almost all popular emulators.
  • Optimize IntelliSense in C ++ files.
  • The ability to create and clone repositories, as well as manage branches and resolve merge conflicts, right in Visual Studio.
  • The ability to collaborate on projects in real time (you can connect to your colleague's editor).
  • Cloud-connected (for the latest information and the latest updates).
  • A good set of tools for quick and comfortable programming (Live Unit Testing and diagnostic tools, as well as the cursor setup process).
  • Availability of smart assistant Visual Studio IntelliCode, which is responsible for code completion.
  • Easier development for Azure (dedicated project templates for Azure, ease deployment, remote debugging, visual analysis).
  • New smart search.

Changes in recent version

Author: Microsoft
Price: Free
Windows: 7, 8, 10

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