Microsoft Office 2010 SP 2

Download Microsoft Office 2010 SP 2
Microsoft Office 2010 SP 2

Service Pack 2 (SP2) for Microsoft Office 2010 32-Bit Edition contains new updates which improve security, performance, and stability. Additionally, the SP is a roll-up of all previously released updates.

Overview of Office 2010 SP2 improvements:

- Excel 2010 SP2. Improves the overall stability, performance, and compatibility with other versions of Excel.
- Excel 2010 SP2. Fixes issues in which the performance of Excel decreases, and Excel file sizes become larger when additional built-in styles are copied during the duplication of data between different Excel instances.
- Excel 2010 SP2. Fixes an issue in which data validation lists that contain comma signs (,) are broken in an .xlsx or .xlsb file.
- Excel 2010 SP2. Fixes an issue in which an .xlsx file created in Microsoft Office 2013 that contains an App bound to a table is corrupted on save.
- Outlook 2010 SP2. Fixes the issue regarding the message size of certain long email messages. Additionally, it fixes an issue that occurs when you perform a spell check before you send an email message.
- PowerPoint 2010 SP2. Improves the quality of videos in a presentation after the videos are optimized or compressed by PowerPoint.
- PowerPoint 2010 SP2. Fixes issues that occur when you co-author a presentation with other users at the same time.
- PowerPoint 2010 SP2. Fixes an issue in which Mozilla FireFox crashes when you try to view a presentation in PowerPoint Web App on a Mac computer that has Microsoft Silverlight 3 or Silverlight 4 installed.
- Word 2010 SP2. Fixes issues regarding bookmarks, fields, track changes, templates, tables, object wrapping, autocorrect options, and email addresses. Additionally, it fixes general reliability issues that occur when you post a blog entry on Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 and Microsoft Office 365 blogs.

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Author: Microsoft Corporation
Price: Free
Windows: XP, Vista, 7, 8

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