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MODO‭ is a 3D modeling and rendering application. This software has the fastest and most efficient 3D modelling system combined with a high-quality visualization engine.‬‬‬

MODO features a set of tools for creating digital content and design using 3D modeling, animation, dynamics and network visualization.‭ The software is actively used by both artists and designers specializing in advertisement, packaging design, game development, visual effects for television and architectural visualization.‬‬‬

Key features of ‬MODO:‬

‭-‬ Modeling of mechanical and architectural objects.‬‬‬
‭-‬ Organic modeling.‬‬‬
‭-‬ Improved sculpting tools.‬‬‬
‭-‬ Precise construction of geometry‬.‬‬‬
‭-‬ Aligning (snapping) of the Work Plane to the selected geometry component.‬‬‬
‭-‬ Transparent grids for easier drawing (‬such as drawing a right angle).‬‬‬
‭-‬ Ability to use custom measurement units.‬‬‬
‭-‬ Use of ‬1D and‭ ‬2D‭ profiles.‬‬‬‬‬‬‬
‭-‬ Ability to create your own profiles.‬‬‬
‭-‬ Ability to create a copy of any geometric object or a group of objects on the surface of another object using replicators.‬‬‬
‭-‬ Ability to create a mesh with the needed polygon density.‬‬‬
‭-‬ Ability to create models with an optimal texture using UV Mapping tools.‬‬‬
‭-‬ Display of changes made in the viewport on the 3D model.‬‬‬
‭-‬ Numerous customizable brushes.‬‬‬
‭-‬ Option to create your own brushes.‬‬‬
‭-‬ Ability to model complex surfaces through the sequential adjustment of layers.‬‬‬
‭-‬ Visualization in both standalone and integrated modes, with a pre-visualization.‬‬‬
‭-‬ High precision of model lighting.‬‬‬
‭-‬ Detailed elaboration of surfaces.‬‬‬
‭-‬ Ability to modify the visibility, positioning and other parameters of scene components as time passes.‬‬‬
‭-‬ The opportunity to create complex structures set in motion using multiple controls.‬‬‬
‭-‬ Organic animation.‬‬‬
‭-‬ Import and export of animations.‬‬‬

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Author: The Foundry Visionmongers
Price: $1199.00
Windows: 10

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