MODO 12.1v1 Build 504533:

  • Integrated VR Viewport.
  • Rendering and Rigging.
  • UV tools and MeshFusion.
  • Procedural Modelling.
  • Direct Modelling.
  • UI Improvements.

MODO 10.2v1 Build 126693:

- Many additions, changes and corrections.

MODO 10.1v2 Build 120147:

- AType option has been added to thePolygon SetMaterialdialog, which allows you to createa Unityor Unreal material bypressing M on thekeyboard with polygons selected.
- Ghosted mesh drawing has been improved in non-Advanced viewports.
- Fixed bugs.

MODO 10.1v1 Build 117244:

- Modo 10.1introduces a powerful, flexible, and robust new procedural modeling system that works side-by-side with Modo's best-in-class direct modeling toolset.
- At the heart of the procedural toolset are mesh operations.
- In addition to the newmesh operations, a subset of existing tools also have procedural equivalents.
- The procedural Assign Selection Set mesh operation stores a collection of mesh elements - vertices, edges, and polygons - in a selection set, so they can be re-used at a later stage in the procedural evaluation.
- The procedural Curve Fill mesh operation fills closed curves with quads.
- This mesh operation sets the material tag on all marked polygons on a procedural mesh.
- Merge Meshes: This operation merges multiple mesh items into a single procedural layer.
- Transform UVMap: This operation transforms a specified UV map on a procedural mesh item. You can manipulate the tiling, position, and rotation of the UV map.
- Freeze: This mesh operation rasterizes non-face type polygons into face polygons. This is useful for converting text polygons into regular polygons, which can then be used with other procedural tools.
- Edges to Curves: The Edges to Curves operation converts edges into a series of curves of various types.
- Lace Geometry: This operation extrudes a profile shape a long a guide curve.
- Spline Primitives: The Spline Primitivetools allow simple spline shapes to be created, both procedurally and non-procedurally.