MP3Gain 1.2.5

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MP3Gain is an application for normalizing the sound of MP3 files. The app uses a command line back-end for making operations with MP3 files and an optional GUI written in the Visual Basic programming language.

MP3Gain lets open individual files or entire folders and then determine the volume for the average user after pressing the appropriate button. Sound is normalized without the use of transcoding so the quality of the files is not lost. MP3Gain writes all made changes to APEv2 tags so every operation can be undone. Users can make changes to files manually but it is impossible to undo such changes, they can set a parameter between 75 and 105 decibels. MP3Gain can save previous analysis results of files that may be used later on for normalizing their sound.

MP3Gain main features:

- Batch analysis of files.
- Batch processing of files.
- Transcoding process is not used during the process of sound normalizing and no quality is lost.
- Saving logs.
- Ability to undo your changes.
- Ability to make changes to the file manually and set a parameter between 75 and 105 decibels.
- Ability to use previous analysis results of files for further processing.
- Multilingual interface.
- Localized user guide that is available on the official website.

Changes in recent version

Author: Glen Sawyer
Price: Free
Windows: XP, Vista, 7

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