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Net Speakerphone

Net Speakerphone is a free user-friendly program for voice and text communication within a local network, including with several clients at the same time. It can work both through a server and as a standalone application, automatically detecting all contacts connected to the local network.

It is worth mentioning that you can even send a text message from this program to a device where it is not installed (via WinPopup). When using the Speex codec for data compression, a 16 kbps channel is sufficient for adequate voice communication.

Here are the key features of Net Speakerphone:

- Ability to maintain voice and text online meetings/webcasts.
- Opening the program with a keyboard shortcut.
- Ability to transfer files and folders with directory structure intact.
- Voice activation and a voice answering machine.
- Maintaining user groups.
- Filtering by IP address.
- Automated microphone volume booster.
- Remote PC control.
- Encryption of text messages.
- Recording all incoming audio data into a compressed WAV file.
- Smileys and avatars.

Changes in recent version

Author: CLX-SOFT
Price: Free
Windows: XP, Vista, 7

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