Recent Updates Recent Updates

Foxit ReaderFoxit Reader 9.7.1 Build 29511
  • Fixed some security and stability issues. Click here for details.
Action!Action! 4.0.4
  • Fixed YouTube login using account manager (for some accounts).
  • Fixed Twitch login on Windows 7 and Windows 8 using account manager.
  • Fixed D3D10 and D3D10.1 support in DXGI 1.1 mode using new capturing engine.
  • Fixed region recording on Windows 7 in MP4 mode.
  • Fixed region recording on Windows 8/8.1/10 in AVI mode.
  • Fixed Nvidia SLI support (capturing in SLI mode is not recommended and may not work for Direct3D 12, HDR10 recording does not work in SLI mode).
  • Fixed SRGB video capturing in AVI and cross-GPU modes.
  • Fixed support for systems with AMD GPU and Intel GPU working together.
  • Fixed support for 1366x768 displays.
  • Fixed black recordings in some situations with scaling enabled.
  • Fixed crashing when no audio devices are available in the system.
  • Fixed recording/streaming in odd resolutions.
  • Fixed Mirillis Vulkan layer reducing framerate when Action is not running (more Vulkan performance fixes and Vulkan HDR recording coming in 4.0.5 update).
LastPassLastPass 4.40.2
  • Fixed: Unable to install extension in Chrome and Opera when Browser Language is set to Italian.
Windows Defender OfflineWindows Defender Offline (2020-01-17)
  • The utility contains the most up-to-date add-ons to the virus databases.
Dr.Web LiveDiskDr.Web LiveDisk 9.0.1 (2020-01-17)
  • The utility contains the most up-to-date add-ons to the Dr.Web LiveDisk virus databases.
Kaspersky Rescue DiskKaspersky Rescue Disk (2020-01-17)
  • Updated malware database.
Dr.Web CureIt!Dr.Web CureIt! 2020-01-17
  • The utility contains the most up-to-date add-ons to the virus databases.
Kaspersky Virus Removal ToolKaspersky Virus Removal Tool (2020-01-17)
  • The utility contains the most up-to-date add-ons to the virus databases.
NetworxNetworx 6.2.7
  • Improved: remembering the selected speed meter server between sessions.
  • Improved: retention of sorting order when refreshing apps or sites view.
  • Improved: automatically enabling desk band if it was selected in installer.
  • Updated: LAN traffic filtering drivers for a larger UDP message buffer.
  • Changed: Windows 7 is now the minimum required OS version.
AnkiAnki 2.1.19
  • Fix formatting and images getting lost when creating cloze deletions.
  • Added an option to the preferences screen to strip formatting by default.
  • Fix the preview button shortcut key not working.
WiresharkWireshark 3.2.1
  • Fixed Bugs.
VirtualBoxVirtualBox 6.1.2 Build 135662
  • Virtualization core: fixed performance issue observed with Windows XP guests on AMD hosts.
  • Virtualization core: consistent IBRS/IBPB CPUID feature reporting, avoids crash of NetBSD 9.0 RC1 installer.
  • GUI: fixed updating of runtime info.
  • GUI: in Display settings, do not show "2D video acceleration" checkbox if it is meaningless for the selected graphics adapter.
  • Audio: fixed audio input handling when VRDE is enabled.
  • Audio: fixed crash in the HDA emulation when using multi-speaker configurations.
  • Storage: fixed use of encrypted disks with snapshots involved.
  • Storage: improve performance of virtio-scsi.
  • Storage: read-only support for compressed clusters in QCOW2 images.
  • Windows installer: include unintentionally dropped vbox-img.exe utility again.
  • Windows host: when installing or removing an extension pack, retry the sometimes failing directory renaming (usually caused by anti-virus software accessing the directory).
  • Linux host: Support Linux 5.5 (guest additions not yet).
  • Windows guest: accelerate 2D video decoding (scaling and color space conversion) if the VM is configured to use VBoxSVGA with 3D enabled.
  • Windows guest: fix guest additions installer to upgrade the mouse filter driver reliably.
  • Windows guest: when uninstalling older Guest Additions with old 3D support enabled try restoring original Direct3D files.
  • Linux guest: improve resize and multi-monitor handling for VMs using VMSVGA (known remaining issue: do not disable a monitor "in the middle", causes confusion).
BitCometBitComet 1.64
  • GUI Improve: add new advanced option: Use toast notifications in action center under Windows 10 (Need to create shortcut in start menu).
  • GUI Improve: the max connection number for HTTP download task changed from 20 to 200 in HTTP task properties window.
  • GUI Improve: the max default connection number for HTTP download task changed from 20 to 200 in option window.
  • GUI Improve: show notification when the paging file is too small for memory allocation
  • GUI Improve: add info-tip for peer count, health and share ratio column in task download list.
  • GUI Improve: improve display for HiDPI.
  • GUI Bugfix: the display name parameter in the magnetic link caused the default save name of the downloaded file to be incorrect.
  • GUI Bugfix: issues on sorting torrent list by snapshot or comments.
  • GUI Bugfix: the speed graph not cleared after perform disk cleanup for HTTP task.
  • GUI Bugfix: the queuing state icon not displayed if the task is in error state.
  • GUI Bugfix: the function of sorting by task state not working for queuing tasks.
  • Core Improve: enhanced the ability of HTTP download tasks to detect server support for download resume.
  • Core Improve: reduce memory usage for torrent metadata download.
  • Core Improve: improve video file snapshot, support thumbnail, decrease loading time.
  • Core Improve: disable extra disk writing verify to decrease disk usage.
  • Core Bugfix: if auto file moving launched after hash check when BitTorrent download finished, the files been moved will bot be removed.
  • Core Bugfix: HTTP download should stop immediately after failure of creating file
  • Core Bugfix: program may crash at exit.