Recent Updates Recent Updates

NVIDIA ForcewareNVIDIA Forceware 391.24
  • The VR headset stops working after several launches of the application or after resume from system Hibernate mode.
  • NVIDIA Freestyle not enabled for supported games.
  • When launching a video, the system stutters momentarily.
  • Alt-tabbing windowed games with G-SYNC enabled and V-Sync ON in-game causes stuttering and drop in frame rate.
  • Driver TDR error may occur when using Firefox.
  • Blue-screen crash may occur when installing the driver.
  • The display flickers continuously after disabling and enabling the GPU using Device Manager, or when rebooting the system.
  • Flickering/corruption occurs when opening the in-game options UI.
Auslogics BoostSpeedAuslogics BoostSpeed
  • Program stability during scans has been improved.
  • The program will now properly handle Internet Explorer browser plugins.
  • A few minor user interface issues have been resolved.
  • Some changes were made to the way informational messages are displayed to make it more convenient.
  • Fixed some minor bugs.
  • Intel new Coffee Lake desktop and mobile processors.
  • New timers tool.
  • New "-bench" parameter.
BurnAware FreeBurnAware Free 11.1
  • Shell context menu (32 and 64-bit).
  • Option to save Audio CD playlist in PLS format.
  • Saving log file (log.txt), if "-X" parameter was set in command-line.
  • Updated translations and installer.
  • Improved processing of M3U playlists in Audio CD compilation.
  • Improvements to command-line processing (Data and ISO compilations).
  • Fixed bug with incorrect drive selection when launched from command-line.
  • Fixed minor bugs with untranslated user interface elements.
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements.
FastStone CaptureFastStone Capture 8.9
  • Added "To Draw (Skip Editor)" as a new output destination option.
  • Added "Print" button to Draw tool.
  • Enhanced Window/Object Capture function on Windows 10.
  • Other minor improvements and bug fixes.
MediaInfoMediaInfo 18.03
  • HDR metadata support.
  • detection and parsing of ProRes (SMPTE RDD 44).
  • framerate container/stream incoherence detection.
  • endianess, packing mode, compression mode.
  • add consumer camera recording date/time.
  • add consumer camera model name and iris F number.
  • ICC parsing, display of ICC color space.
  • possibility to inject external metadata in the output from MediaInfo.
  • JSON output.
  • do not provide anymore attachments content in XML by default, reducing XML output size.
  • x colour description: trying (again!) to have more coherent labeling.
  • fix crash with some CPL files.
  • Golomb Rice parsing was wrong.
  • remove sar_den test must be 0 if sar_num is 0.
  • SBR parsing issue with 3+ channel streams, with sometimes false-positive PS detection.
  • was wrongly considering 4-bit without palette as with palette so wrong bit depth.
  • some elements in trace were wrongly displayed (wrong endianess).
  • fix infinite loop.
Google ChromeGoogle Chrome 65.0.3325.181
  • Various fixes from internal audits, fuzzing and other initiatives.
Windows Defender OfflineWindows Defender Offline (2018-03-21)
  • The utility contains the most up-to-date add-ons to the virus databases.
Kaspersky Rescue DiskKaspersky Rescue Disk (2018-03-21
  • The utility contains the most up-to-date add-ons to the Kaspersky Rescue Disk virus databases.
Kaspersky Virus Removal ToolKaspersky Virus Removal Tool (2018-03-21)
  • The utility contains the most up-to-date add-ons to the virus databases.
Dr.Web CureIt!Dr.Web CureIt! 11.1.2 (2018-03-21)
  • The utility contains the most up-to-date add-ons to the virus databases.
ManyCamManyCam 6.3.1
  • Brand new Game Capture module.
  • Added new overlay feature (assigned to Ctrl+Shift+O by default).
  • Added to predefined social media streaming services.
  • Added hotkeys for starting/stopping broadcasting and recording.
  • Improved effect management UI panel.
  • Improved IP cameras connection stability.
  • Fixed Mobile source connection issue.
  • Fixed hangs and crashes when switching video files in playlist.
  • Fixed CBR encoding mode.
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements.
Advanced Codecs for WindowsAdvanced Codecs for Windows 8.9.1
  • update MPC-BE filters
K-Lite Codec Pack StandardK-Lite Codec Pack Standard 14.0.5
  • Updated MPC-HC to version
  • Updated LAV Filters to version 0.71-16-gecb05d.
  • Updated Codec Tweak Tool to version 6.2.9.
  • Updated MediaInfo Lite to version 18.03.