Recent Updates Recent Updates

  • Updated Zipware.exe to 64bit on 64bit systems.
  • Updated Zipware's underlying 7-zip version from 16.04 to 18.05.
  • Updated Zipware's underlying unRAR version from 5.40 to 5.60.
  • Added option to rename files and folders in supported archives.
  • Added new file extension icons based on Windows 10 zip folder icons.
  • Added option to select which file extension icon set is used.
  • Added Greek translation by
  • Fixed bug that prevented the main progress bar from being updated when deleting items from an archive.
  • Fixed bug that caused the progress window to remain open after an error when extracting files via the context menu.
  • Fixed bug that would set the default colour profile on Windows 10 to Windows 7.
  • Fixed bug that caused warning output when skipping or replacing files.
  • Fixed some items not being translated.
  • Fixed minor bugs and optimised some code.
Glary UtilitiesGlary Utilities
  • Optimized Disk Cleaner: added support for 'Corel PaintShop Pro x7' and 'CyberLink PowerDirector 11'.
  • Optimized Tracks Eraser: added support for 'Corel PaintShop Pro x7' and 'CyberLink PowerDirector 11'.
  • Minor GUI improvements.
  • Minor bug fixes .
CrystalDiskInfoCrystalDiskInfo 7.8.1
  • Added Realtek SSD support.
  • Added ACS-5 support.
  • The window "Replacement Statistics" was updated.
  • Fixed the applying of rules.
  • Fixed small bugs.
  • Resources for Slovenian language were updated.
PotPlayerPotPlayer 1.7.14804
  • Added the ability to output image subtitles to subtitle browser.
  • Added the ability to move window only on the title bar.
  • Added av1 video codec decoding function.
  • Improved online subtitle download/upload function.
  • Improved online subtitle translation processing.
  • Fixed a problem where cover image of flac file was not shown when playing seamlessly.
  • Fixed an issue where new PotPlayer was running when adding a playlist to browser.
  • Fixed an issue that can't save some settings of the built-in WASAPI audio renderer.
  • Fixed an error when decoding MJPEG in certain files.
  • Fixed a problem that no sound while playing certain TS files.
  • Fixed an issue that can't play certain AVI/OGG files.
  • Fixed an issue where playback on the rotated monitor was not smooth.
Standard Codecs for WindowsStandard Codecs for Windows 7.0.6
  • update LAV filters 0.73.1.
  • update MediaInfo DLL 18.8.1.
  • update Icaros 3.1.0 Final.
Advanced Codecs for WindowsAdvanced Codecs for Windows 10.6.6
  • update LAV filters 0.73.1.
  • update MPC-BE filters
  • update MediaInfo DLL 18.8.1.
  • update Icaros 3.1.0 Final.
Dr.Web LiveDiskDr.Web LiveDisk 9.0.1 (2018-10-16)
  • The utility contains the most up-to-date add-ons to the Dr.Web LiveDisk virus databases.
Kaspersky Rescue DiskKaspersky Rescue Disk (2018-10-16)
  • The utility contains the most up-to-date add-ons to the Kaspersky Rescue Disk virus databases.
Kaspersky Virus Removal ToolKaspersky Virus Removal Tool (2018-10-16)
  • The utility contains the most up-to-date add-ons to the virus databases.
Dr.Web CureIt!Dr.Web CureIt! 2018-10-16
  • The utility contains the most up-to-date add-ons to the virus databases.
Bitvise SSH ClientBitvise SSH Client 7.46
  • After the SSH session has been terminated by receiving EOF or sending SSH_MSG_DISCONNECT, FlowSsh will now discard any further outgoing SSH packets. This helps avoid a stall in processing and further improves the odds that all previously received data will be processed.
  • File transfer: Fixed an issue where, if the connection was lost during a download while synchronization was being performed, the local file size would be reset to zero.
  • stermc: Improved handling of default colors configured in -profile or using the -colors parameter when using non-bvterm terminals such as xterm or vt100. The screen is now cleared using the configured colors.
Notepad++Notepad++ 7.5.9
  • Fix hanging problem while switching back a fully-folded document by using shortcut (Ctrl-TAB).
  • Fix possible file corruption during backup or power loss or other abnormal N++ termination.
  • Fix wrong backup file deleted issue.
  • Fix backup not fully disabled issue.
  • Add 2 command line flags "-notepadStyleCmdline" and "-z" for the replacement of notepad.exe.
  • Add new plugin API NPPM_REMOVESHORTCUTBYCMDID to allows plugins to remove unneeded shortcuts.
  • Fix Tail monitoring incoherent status after deleting a monitored file.
  • Fix issue with wrong smart highlighting when it is disabled.
  • Fix last active tab is ignored on Notepad++ restart issue.
  • Fix Tab non-responding by mouse click after dragging bug.
  • Fix switching back position restoring issue for wrapped document..