Recent Updates Recent Updates

RuffleRuffle Nightly 2021-01-15
  • Some bugs fixed and minor improvements added.
  • FIX to remove extra blank lines left behind when splitting scenes
ProgDVBProgDVB 7.38.9
  • No data
OperaOpera 73.0.3856.344
  • Some bugs fixed and minor improvements added.
RPCS3RPCS3 0.0.14-11574

  • No data.

Freemake Video DownloaderFreemake Video Downloader
  • Increased overall stability of the program
Adobe PhotoshopAdobe Photoshop CC 2021
  • Neural Filters
  • Replacement "Sky"
  • More information directly in the app
  • Improved cloud documents
  • Pattern preview
Windows Defender OfflineWindows Defender Offline [14.01.2021]
  • Updated malware database
  • Some bugs fixed and minor improvements added.
XviD4PSPXviD4PSP 8.0.108
  • Fixed the work of exceptions on macOS.
  • Fixed DVD / BD reading.
Avira Free AntivirusAvira Free Antivirus 15.0.2101.2069
  • Fixed sporadic scan failure.
BurnAware FreeBurnAware Free 14.0
  • Added 64-bit version.
  • New user interface and theme support.
  • New audio encoding components.
  • Support of FLAC format in Audio Grabber.
  • Option to extract all tracks in Audio Grabber.
  • Improved tag reading and writing in Audio Grabber.
  • Improvements to user interface for high-DPI resolution.
  • Improvements to user interface for screen readers.
  • Compatibility improvements for latest revision of Windows 10.
  • Resolved issue with saving 320 kBit/s MP3 files in Audio Grabber.
SiSoftware Sandra LiteSiSoftware Sandra Lite 30.85
  • Additional improvements for nVidia “Ampere“; CUDA SDK updated to 11.1.
  • Additional improvements for “Image Processing” benchmarks.
  • Additional improvements for “Scientific Analysis” benchmarks (FFT, GEMM) [perf impact].
  • Reverted (R3 update) hashing/SHA block change in “Cryptography” benchmarks [perf impact].
  • Relaxed limits further for better performance on high-end/multiple GP-GPUs [up to 8].
  • Fixed possible lock-up in “Scientific Analysis” benchmarks.
  • Reverted (R3 update) hashing/SHA block change in “Cryptography” benchmarks [no impact].
  • Revised benchmarks for asymmetric work-loads for hybrid CPUs.
  • Fixed (possible) crash on Intel graphics with 64-bit PCIe memory addressing.
  • Reviewed all device code that deals with 64-bit PCIe memory addressing.
  • Fixed TigerLake (TGL) memory information/timings for (LP)DDR5.
  • Fixed TigerLake (TGL) integrated graphics memory information.
  • Additional IceLake (ICL) memory information.
CCleanerCCleaner 5.76.8269
  • We now prevent invalid data from being imported to the ‘Cookies to Keep’ list.
  • We now clean up any of our dump files created more than 14 days ago when you run CCleaner.
  • We’ve made many improvements to NVDA screen reader support in Health Check.
  • We’ve improved NVDA support for reading checkbox lists and checkbox statuses.
  • We resolved a permissions error when enabling the ‘Save files to INI’ option.
  • We fixed an error when enabling the ‘Skip UAC’ option.
  • We fixed a rare bug where an update could unregister CCleaner Professional
  • We’ve made some text labels clearer.
IrfanViewIrfanView 4.57
  • Improved option "Try registry changes" (Properties->Extensions).
  • Option to use new Windows File-Open dialog (Properties->Misc).
  • Option to create only Shortcuts (LNK file) in File-Copy dialog.
  • New Camera RAW PlugIn.
  • Support for WPG format.
  • Improved GIF reading.
  • PCX loading bug fixed.
  • MNG PlugIn loading bug fixed.
  • PCX format moved to FORMATS PlugIn.