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PeaZipPeaZip 8.2.0
  • PeaZip 8.2.0 is focused on improving use from command line and scripts, and introduces (peazip)/res/batch folder which contains sample scripts and system integration files both for Linux and Windoes (SendTo and freedesktop_integration folders are moved here).
  • The archive manager is now capable of optionally displaying compression/encryption method, and modified, created, accessed timestamps for each item in archive, and to display number of items contained in each folder.
  • It is now possible to chose to keep extracted files even in case errors occurred during the extraction, and working with spanned files was improved.
  • Smart extraction is now available as default action to take at program's startup, alongside Open, Open as archive, Extract (full), Extract here.
  • This release also improves user experience on Linux systems improving the automatic configuration of applications for "open with" actions, and displaying more system's paths in the file manager.
  • DEB and RPM installers are extensively updated, with application now being installed in /opt/peazip.
  • Backend were updated to Brotli 1.0.9 (Linux).
  • A total of 225 file extensions can now be managed by PeaZip, with addition of .apkm, .apks, and .aab Android package formats, and of Lzip .lz (supported on Linux versions only).
OneDriveOneDrive 21.170.0822.0002
  • Fixed errors to improve the reliability and performance of the application.
ArtMoneyArtMoney 8.11
  • Added a stream stack window for easy viewing and editing return addresses and parameters. You can open from the disassembler window in debug mode or from the window "find the commands that appeal to".
  • Now, after replacing the code, you can include / disable the replacement table for each address, click on the "freezing" column. When the replacement code is disconnected, it remains active in memory, but simply not executed.
  • Added hot keys to change the speed of the process.
  • Added a sign of a signature error if the code replacement failed.
  • Added support for MAME emulator version 0.230 and above.
  • Fixed a bug when the program in the file editing mode, and you open the table for the process.
  • Fixed a bug with freeing or passing addresses when searching "pointer to pointer".
  • Fixed a bug with modular addressing if there are a lot of modules in the process (more than 2000).
  • Fixed disassembly error when determining the previous instruction.
Advanced SystemCare FreeAdvanced SystemCare Free
  • No data
WPS Office FreeWPS Office Free
  • Unified all activation channel as using Product Key to activate.
  • Optimized the activation page.
doPDFdoPDF 11.2.187
  • Updated: UI and language update.
  • Fixed: Error when printing.
  • Fixed: Error message when trying to overwrite an open PDF.
  • New features added in Android 9: High FPS Mode (120 FPS) and File Assistant.
  • Multi-Drive now supports importing 64-bit (both Android 7 and Android 9) data from earlier versions.
  • Fixed Android 9 occasional function failure on AMD devices.
  • Optimized onscreen virtual keyboard layout.
  • Adjusted descriptions of certain features.
  • Optimized UI.
KeePassKeePass 2.49
  • Added dedicated context menu for custom string fields in the entry dialog, which provides the following new commands: 'Copy Name(s)', 'Copy Value(s)', 'Copy Item(s)', 'Paste Item(s)', 'Select All' and 'Move To'.
  • Added button 'More' to the right of the custom string fields list in the entry dialog, which shows the context menu.
  • Added dedicated context menu for auto-type associations in the entry dialog, which provides the following new commands: 'Copy Target Window(s)', 'Copy Sequence(s)', 'Copy Item(s)', 'Paste Item(s)', 'Duplicate Item(s)' and 'Select All'.
  • Added button 'More' to the right of the auto-type associations list in the entry dialog, which shows the context menu.
  • Added optional 'Auto-Type - Enabled' main entry list column (turned off by default, can be turned on in 'View' → 'Configure Columns').
  • Added optional 'Auto-Type - Sequences' main entry list column (turned off by default, can be turned on in 'View' → 'Configure Columns').
  • Added support for importing Keeper 16.0.0 JSON files.
  • Added option 'Show confirmation dialog when opening a database file whose minor format version is unknown' (in 'Tools' → 'Options' → tab 'Interface', turned on by default).
  • Added tooltips for some controls.
  • Dialog banners can now be read by screen readers (if the option 'Optimize for screen reader' is turned on).
  • Added accessibility names for some controls (text boxes after check boxes, image/color buttons, warning icons, ...; if the option 'Optimize for screen reader' is turned on).
  • Controls in the accessibility/automation control tree are now ordered by their visual locations (if the option 'Optimize for screen reader' is turned on).
  • Added automatic screen reader detection based on the operating system's screen reader parameter (this does not make the option 'Optimize for screen reader' obsolete though, because not all screen readers set the parameter).
  • Various accessibility enhancements (when running on .NET 4.7.1 or higher).
  • Added UIFlags bit for not clearing the quick search terms list when closing/locking a database.
  • Added UIFlags bit for enabling the Input Method Editor (IME) on secure desktops.
  • Added customization option to override the URL that is opened for a help page.
Action!Action! 4.21.4
  • Added automatic GPU selection (used for video encoding acceleration) on systems with more than one GPU from the same vendor.
  • Improved automatic audio source switching (when primary sound device is set to selected application).
  • Added support fo latest Windows 11 insider build (22449.1000).
CalibreCalibre 5.27
  • When adding markdown (.md) or textile (.textile) files that contain references to images, automatically add them as txtz with the images.
  • DOCX Output: Correctly convert soft hyphens in the input document to DOCX soft hyphens.
  • DOCX Input: Fix a bookmark at the end of a paragraph causing the bookmark at the start of the paragraph to be skipped.
  • Edit book: Spell check: Fix EPUB 3 nav document not being spell checked when not in the spine.
  • PDF Output: Fix a rare failure when the input document has a ToC item pointing to the last page.
  • Windows: Fix a regression in calibre 5 that caused drag and drop from WinZip to not work.
  • TXT Output: Fix a regression in calibre 5 that caused the max line length option to not work.
  • When auto converting added TXT files with image references to TXTZ use a full markdown parser to detect markdown images.
  • New news sources: The Week by Kovid Goyal.
  • Improved news sources: BBC News, Foreign Affairs.
Kindle PreviewerKindle Previewer 3.57.1
  • Some bugs fixed and minor improvements added.
MediaPortal 1MediaPortal 1 1.29
  • Bugfixes: [MP1-5081] - WatchDog not switch Mediaportal log to Debug level.
  • Bugfixes: [MP1-5082] - Error when MP restart.
  • Bugfixes: [MP1-5086] - XMLTV Import error - An item with the same key has already been added.
  • New: [MP1-5070] - Handle large Music Playlists.
  • Improvement / Rework: [MP1-5083] - Update MetadataExtractor to 2.6.0.
  • Improvement / Rework: [MP1-5084] - Update MediaInfo.Wrapper to 21.3.4.
  • Improvement / Rework: [MP1-5085] - Text controls changed to universal controls in TVZapOSD.
  • DWHD OSD update.
  • French language update.
KindleKindle 1.33.62002
  • No data
GrammarlyGrammarly 1.5.78
  • No data
GameMaker: StudioGameMaker: Studio 2.3.4 Build 580
  • 2.3.4 changes a lot of the underlying systems for input/output and how the IDE is rendered, allowing us to fix some longstanding differences Windows IDE vs Mac IDE and also to better support modern input devices and new OSes going forward. You may not notice much change and this might look like a small release, but there have been a lot of changes, fixes and improvements made throughout the IDE.
  • There is also an overhaul in the versions of Visual Studio now required. Almost all platforms which used VS2015 before now require Visual Studio 2019, so please ensure you install this if you haven't already and also check your GMS2 Preferences paths are now correct, otherwise you will have errors when building YYC platforms/UWP/consoles. More information and a link to the Required SDKs can be found further down this page or on the Help menu inside GMS2 itself.
  • We also squeezed in two new console exports - Microsoft Xbox Series X/S and Sony PlayStation 5! If you are already approved for consoles these will appear in Target Manager as normal.
  • There are of course also a number of important bug fixes, so please do read the release notes carefully. See below for IDE changes/fixes and check the Runtime Release Notes for in-game changes/fixes.