Recent Updates Recent Updates

iCloudiCloud 11.6.32
  • No data
Mozilla ThunderbirdMozilla Thunderbird 78.6.1
  • MailExtensions: browserAction, composeAction, and messageDisplayAction toolbar buttons now support label and default_label properties.
  • Running a quicksearch that returned no results did not offer to re-run as a global search.
  • Very long subject lines distorted the message compose and display windows, making them unusable.
  • Compose window: Recipient addresses that had not yet been autocompleted were lost when clicking Send button.
  • Compose window: New message is no longer marked as "changed" just from tabbing out of the recipient field without editing anything.
  • Account autodiscover fixes when using MS Exchange servers.
  • LDAP address book stability fix.
  • Messages with invalid vcard attachments were not marked as read when viewed in the preview window.
  • Chat: Could not add TLS certificate exceptions for XMPP connections.
  • Calendar: System timezone was not always properly detected.
  • Calendar: Descriptions were sometimes blank when editing a single occurrence of a repeating event.
  • Various printing bugfixes.
  • Visual consistency and theme improvements.
  • Various security fixes.
VideoPad Video EditorVideoPad Video Editor 10.02
  • Some bugs fixed and minor improvements added.
Kindle PreviewerKindle Previewer 3.50
  • Includes stability improvements and bug fixes.
TelegramTelegram 2.5.5
  • Fix recording of audio in voice chats.
  • Fix media viewer zoom and crashing.
SMPlayerSMPlayer 21.1.0
  • Initial support for Wayland.
  • Some fixes and improvements in the playlist.
  • Show cache info in the OSD (Shift + I).
  • New skin Mint-Y.
MediaPortal 1MediaPortal 1 1.27
  • Some bugs fixed and minor improvements added.
USDownloaderUSDownloader (09.01.2021)
  • Updated plugin clouds.plg from jackag.
KeePassKeePass 2.47
  • Many additions, changes and corrections.
PeaZipPeaZip 7.7.0
  • Release 7.7.0 introduces fixes and improves control over temporary work data.
  • On Linux it is now possible to use system's p7zip package rather the one provided with PeaZip packages.
SRWare IronSRWare Iron 87.0.4450.0
  • Flash Player end of support.
  • several minor improvements.
  • Bug-/Securityfixes.
VivaldiVivaldi 3.5 (2115.87)
  • No data
MediaPortal 2MediaPortal 2 2.3.2
  • Some bugs fixed and minor improvements added.
Comodo Antivirus DatabaseComodo Antivirus Database [06.01.2021]
  • Updated malware database
Mozilla FirefoxMozilla Firefox 84.0.2
  • Security fix