Recent Updates Recent Updates

  • We just released a new version of XAMPP.
XMedia RecodeXMedia Recode
  • Update of ffmpeg.
  • Update of the Italian language file.
  • Update of the Japanese language file.
  • Update of the Swedish language file.
  • Audio Filter: Added "Dynamic Audio Normalizer".
  • Fixed minor bugs.
PhotoStage SlideshowPhotoStage Slideshow 8.80
  • Maintenance release
DaVinci ResolveDaVinci Resolve 17.3.1
  • Ability to combine multi source audio files to export interleaved audio.
  • Addressed incorrect sizing controls behavior for Advanced Panels.
  • Addressed an issue with signing into YouTube and Vimeo in Windows.
  • Addressed an issue with updating LTC for some clips.
  • Addressed an issue where titles with disabled stroke could not be edited.
  • Addressed incorrect middle click behavior in gallery using Wacom tablets.
  • Addressed an issue where creating memories could cause a crash.
  • Addressed an issue with some Dolby Atmos rendering configurations.
  • Addressed render glitches for ProRes 4444 in Apple Silicon systems.
  • Addressed an issue with audio output when switching audio devices.
  • Addressed an issue with picking colors in the viewer with input scaling.
  • Addressed a crash for certain renders in Apple Silicon systems.
  • Addressed corruption when using generators on Apple Silicon.
  • Addressed an issue with creation of Fusion Copy Metadata.
  • General performance and stability improvements.
Nexus Mod ManagerNexus Mod Manager 0.81.0
  • Added Baldur's Gate 3 game support.
  • Added Ko-fi link to support the NMM development.
  • Fixed Wrye Flash shortcut for FNV.
  • Fixed issue that could prevent some file links from being uninstalled.
  • Fixed issue that could cause the file overwrite dialog to show up when not required.
MediBang Paint ProMediBang Paint Pro 27.0
  • Unlimited use of over 200 brushes and other materials for use in MediBang Paint!
  • No more in-app ads!
  • Unlimited number of team members.
  • Unlimited version control functions.
  • Additional cloud storage capacity.
WhatsAppWhatsApp 2.2134.10.0
  • No data
BlenderBlender 2.93.4
  • The Blender Foundation periodically publishes official stable releases. The current release process schedule aims at frequent and predictable releases, for users and developers, using a release cycle defined here.
  • Below is a list of splash screens from previous Blender versions, you can even go further on your walk down memory lane and download these versions. For production it’s recommended to always use the latest stable release. Have fun!
PDFCreatorPDFCreator 4.4.0
  • PDFCreator Professional and Terminal Server inherit the CS Script action from PDFCreator Server, which allows to integrate own C# scripts with access to the entire job data.
  • PDFCreator now has a standby mode that significantly improves performance.
  • New lightweight command line application (PDFCreator-cli.exe) that takes over the command line functionality of PDFCreator. If you have scripts that use PDFCreator to convert files or if you need to restore printers for shared settings, please switch to the new PDFCreator-cli.exe (see the “command line parameters” section of the user guide).
  • Multiple documents for cover, attachment or additional attachments in mail actions can now be sorted via drag & drop.
  • New action to automatically generate page numbers.
  • A test e-mail in the e-mail or SMTP action now uses the specified attachment files instead of dummy files.
  • The HTTP action supports tokens in the upload URL.
  • PDFCreator Professional and Terminal Server: During uninstallation, the license was not revoked.
  • Fixed an error that could happen when adding accounts under certain conditions.
  • Under certain circumstances, deleted profiles were still shown in the profile list until re-opening the profiles tab.
AutoRunsAutoRuns 14.01
  • No data
oStorybookoStorybook 5.05.04
  • corrections mineures (EPUB+Editeur)
  • assistant fonctionnel
  • amelioration graphique pour les rapports (couleurs sombres)
  • exportation des fiches (vue info), avec modification du dialogue
  • exportation de la vue info en Html
  • implemented (exportation des tableaux "as is" (colonnes visibles seulement))
  • ajout du choix de la couleur pour le TimeEvent
  • ajout de la vue Timeline
  • ajout du paramУЉtrage pour troncature dans la vue Arbre
  • activation des liens Web (vues Lire, Info, Memos et editeur)
Format FactoryFormat Factory
  • Added support for pictures in Video Joiner & Mux.
  • Added picture sequence support in Video conversion.
  • Added a button to delete the source file after successfully converted.
  • Added Export Frame function.
  • Fixed the Win11 incompatibility problem.
  • Fixed the bug of FormatPlayer.
  • Fixed the bug , no sound in Mu.
  • Fixed the bug , when adding directories.
AVG TuneUpAVG TuneUp 21.2.2916
  • No data
mp3DirectCutmp3DirectCut 2.33
  • Some bugs fixed and minor improvements added.
EssentialPIM FreeEssentialPIM Free 9.10
  • Ability to set up email reminders for appointments and tasks (available in advanced reminder settings)*.
  • Schedule email messages to be sent later at specific date/time*.
  • Under the hood changes that will make adding new mail accounts significantly easier and simpler.
  • Improved how email messages with pictures included are saved as PDF files.
  • Default notifications for appointments form Google Calendar will now be synchronized correctly.
  • Couple of improvements about behavior of sticky notes when they're close to the screen edges.
  • Synchronization improvements related to Google Contacts and to EPIM Cloud.
  • Fixed Access Violation error when switching to calendar in some rare cases.
  • Other optimizations, improvements and minor bug fixes.