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Nokia Monitor Test

Nokia Monitor Test is a freeware utility by Nokia that will guide you through testing and adjusting any monitor for an optimum display. There are test patterns for Geometry, Convergence, Resolution, Moire, Brightness, Contrast, Focus, Readability, Color and Screen Regulation. You put up the test pattern and then make the adjustments to your monitor.

Nokia Monitor Test does not make any adjustments to your settings, but only displays the selected patterns, leaving it to your expertise to decide where the problems are located (if any).

Features of Nokia Monitor Test:

— Testing the uniformity of illumination.
— Check for broken pixels.
— Check the operation of the interpolation in the non-native mode of the monitor.
— Check the smoothness of the overflow & gradient.
— Visual assessment of performance matrix.

Changes in recent version

Author: Nokia
Price: Free
Windows: 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7

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