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Nokia Suite

Nokia Suite helps you to organize and share your content effortlessly between your Nokia device and computer. It is the next generation of Nokia PC Suite and eventually Nokia Suite will become the only computer application offered by Nokia.

Nokia Suite is intended as the only computer application you will need from Nokia. The completely new user interface gives you easy access to your important files and information as all the functionalities are available within one window.

Features of Nokia Suite:

— Connect your device to your desktop with a USB cable or Bluetooth.
— Sign in to your Nokia Account to use Ovi services. Or create a new Nokia Account; if you don't have it yet, now it's the time to create one.
— Home view in Nokia Ovi Suite - a quick summary of the new stuff you have in Nokia Ovi Suite or in your device.
— See your messages in a conversational view and keep them safely stored in your desktop.
— View and edit your contacts, add contact photos, sync your contacts with Microsoft Outlook, and keep them safely stored.
— Make backups of your device, and update your device's software.
— Get photos from your device to your desktop and share the important ones in Ovi.
— Download free maps before travelling and transfer them to your device.
— Transfer music to your device.
— Using your device as a modem, connect your desktop to the internet with just one click.

Changes in recent version (change history)

Author: Nokia
Price: Free
Windows: Хр, Vista, 7

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