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ObjectDock is a quick access panel that helps to arrange desktop space in Windows. The program is paid but has a 30-day trial period.

The ObjectDock panel is a substitute for the Start menu and other standard Windows panels that serves to simplify access to documents, programs, news and system tools, increase control elements personalization and add attraction to the OS design. For this purpose, user is provided with a set of various options that allow to setup position, style and color of the panel, number of tabs, size and icons highlighting type, mouseover effects.

The ObjectDock’s interface resembles the MacOS style in general. Large icons and elements dominate here. Besides installed and launched programs, you can place here services, catalogues, individual files, tray icons and internet links. The number of panels can also be increased by user without any difficulties.


  • Capability of creation additional panels.
  • Supports floating panels.
  • Wide choice of options that allows to setup a style, color, transparency, panel position, size and number of elements.
  • Capability to configure the animation effects parameters that appear during mouseover.
  • Program performance options.
  • Capability to create tabs and file groups.
  • Skins and additional color schemes available to download from the official websites.
  • Supports the drag-and-drop function.


The ObjectDock panel has attractive design and works without any significant delays. Despite that the program takes certain amount of system resources, the in-built performance options allow to minimize this factor. In general, we can recommend this program to the users who prefer design to speed and like to experiment with design or have to use Windows as an additional operating system.

Changes in recent version

Author: Stardock
Price: $4.99
Windows: Vista, 7, 8, 10

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