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OneDrive is a desktop client for Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage intended for storing, synchronizing and sharing files on the Internet. It differs from other similar programs by availability of Office Online support which allows you to create, upload, view, edit, and share Microsoft Office files directly in your browser.

Microsoft OneDrive provides access to data from any device, makes it possible to share, and work with them by other users. In addition, the program implements the functions of searching information, as well as its arrangement.

Key features of Microsoft OneDrive:

- 5 GB free disk space.
- Previewing images as thumbnails.
- Displaying images as a slideshow.
- Setting the access level to all files and folders.
- Real time notifications on editing a document by another user.
- Access via WebDAV protocol.
- Working with documents directly in the browser due to Office Online support.
- File recording function by drag & drop function or using a web application.
- Remote access to a PC with OS Windows.
- Viewing PDF files, support for ODF standard.
- Support for searching Microsoft Office documents.
- Automatic tagging of photos in accordance with what they depict.
- Downloading office documents and images from Hotmail, their storage, sharing with users, editing in a browser.
- Saving Microsoft Office files directly from the application.
- Integration with Bing, saving search history.
- Downloading entire folders in one archive.
- Saving user actions history.
- Encrypted connections.

Changes in recent version

Author: Microsoft Corporation
Price: Free
Windows: 7, 8, 10

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