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Online Armor Personal Firewall Free is a powerful personal firewall, with HIPS and a host of other security features to keep your PC clear of infections and running smoothly. Online Armor Personal Firewall Free offers a powerful firewall at no cost - there are no advertisements, no time limitations and no nag screens.

Online Armor Personal Firewall Free protects your computer's internet connection (inbound connections and outbound connections), stops unknown programs from running and detects keyloggers. Powerful "HIPS" functions give you the ability to stop all unrecognised programs from running on your computer unless you say so, making it possible to protect yourself against these new attacks.

Features of Online Armor Free:

- Online Armor's firewall is designed to be easy to use, right out of the box.
- In advanced mode, you can generate more advanced rules - this is for power users who understand firewalls, the internet and how it works.
- Execution Protection. Termination Protection. Process Guard.
- Keylogger Detection. Online Armors behaviour detection ensures that even specially created or new keyloggers are detected and prevented.
- Settings Monitor. Online Armor will alert you if programs try to change your homepage in Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera.
- Stops Malicious Programs: keyloggers, scripts, worms...

Changes in recent version (change history)

Author: Emsisoft GmbH
Price: Free
Windows: XP, Vista, 7, 8

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