Opera 45.0.2552.812:

- DNA-60092 [Win|Linux] Red UI elements in high-DPI with Reborn enabled.
- DNA-60638 [Win] Opera pins back to taskbar after being launched.
- DNA-60721 Current theme is not updated when selecting it from “Customize start page” in some use cases.
- DNA-60820 MFDemuxer stalls after seeking.
- DNA-60853 Error about missing opera_200_percent.pak.
- DNA-60958 Fix messenger feature page’s URL.

Opera 44.0.2510.1449:

- Fixed crash when opening the "Open file" dialog using the touchscreen (macOS).
- Fixed a problem with rendering when opening links in a new tab (macOS).
- Fixed the problem of adding bookmarks to the category "Unsorted".
- Implemented security patches to prevent phishing attacks with Unicode domains.

Opera 44.0.2510.1218:

- Speed Dial redraw in a new tab after resizing Opera window.
- Newly opened start page sometimes has wrong size.
- High memory consumption with enabled VPN.

Opera 44.0.2510.1159:

- Clear button used from download menu cancels active downloads.
- Crash at ManagePasswordsUIController::UpdateBubbleAndIconVisibility().
- Crash on startup at LoginHandler::LoginDialogCallback(GURL const&, net::AuthChallengeInfo*, LoginHandler*, bool).
- Crash at `anonymous namespace”::JobTracker::FreeResources.

Opera 44.0.2510.857:

- How you can browse with touch bar.
- Opera 44 features our own tuned-up version of Chromium 57. This adds support for CSS Grid Layout and WebAssembly which we believe has the potential to bring browser games to the next level. Try one out here: http://webassembly.org/demo/.
Also from Chromium, the new background tab throttling has been added, providing additional energy consumption reductions to the battery saver feature introduced to Opera in May 2016.
- Opera 44 also adds support for the Credential Management API. This gives users a simpler sign-in process across devices and provides websites with more control over the usage of credentials. The website can use password-based sign-ins via this API. Once logged in, users will be automatically signed back into a site, even if their session has expired.

Opera 43.0.2442.1165:

- DNA-58757 [Mac] Unable to open Developer tools / web view doesn’t resize.
- DNA-59364 [Mac 10.9] Search and copy popup is too big.

Opera 43.0.2442.1144:

- DNA-58852 Copy download link does not work.
- DNA-59018 [Win] Not possible to open new private window (in some case).
- DNA-59239 CLONE – Refactor extension APIs to use TabStripModel rateher than PageViewCollection WP2.
- DNA-59405 NPE at TobBarTabView::UpdateFont (Crash on closing a tab).
- DNA-59417 Fix jstcache errors on sitecheck interstitial pages.
- DNA-59418 Attempt a few package download retries before failing hard.
- DNA-59441 Default URL protocol not respected.
- DNA-59460 [Win] Unable to open speed dials and suggestions in new window.
- DNA-59461 Wrong case in task manager strings.
- DNA-59467 [Win] Installer crashes when run with –internal-package-server=http://invalid.
- DNA-59479 Domain disallowed wininet error has wrong suffix.
- SUITE-124 Suite autoupdate on test server is not working.
- SUITE-130 Directly query process list rather than rely on process creation events to ascertain if Opera is running.
- SUITE-132 The bottom part of notification area doesn’t work with low widths.
- SUITE-135 –disable-remote-notifications switch crashes assistant.
- SUITE-136 assistant installer doesn’t log to file.

Opera 43.0.2442.991:

- DNA-58851 Heart menu cut off.
- DNA-59457 QUIC memory leak in O43.
- Chrome is also updated to version 56.0.2924.87.

Opera 43.0.2442.806:

- Instant page loading and PGO.

Opera 42.0.2393.517:

- Revert: DNA-58151 [Win] Handler not set properly on the engine side.
- DNA-58671 USB installed does not send stats to OSP.
- DNA-58902 [Settings] Wrong anchor to currency converter help link.
- DNA-58944 [Installer] Crash at the end of install process.

Opera 42.0.2393.137:

- Notification setting icon doesn’t open notification exceptions settings.
- Firewall prompt triggered on start with media-router flag enabled.
- Not possible to set 64 bit Opera the default browser, Win10.
- Unsorted Bookmarks are not visible.
- Unreported installer error when trying to install x64ver in other location that already installed x32ver.
- Add installer architecture *stats*.
- Update 360 build with preinstalled extension.

Opera 42.0.2393.85:

- Built-in currency converter.
- Even smarter and faster startup.
- Easy to add news feeds from websites.

Opera 40.0.2308.81:

- Chromium has been updated to the 53.0.2785.116 version.
- Fixed bugs.

Opera 40.0.2308.62:

- Fixed Bugs.

Opera 40.0.2308.54:

- Using the free VPN in Opera.
- Automatic battery saving.
- Chromecast support.
- Video pop-out improvements.
- Newsreader with RSS support.
- Updated browser engine.

Opera 39.0.2256.71:

- Chromium is updated to version 52.0.2743.116.

Opera 38.0.2220.31:

- Fixed Bugs.

Opera 38.0.2220.29:

- Battery saver.
- Ad blocker – add your own lists.
- Speed Dial improvements.
- Add your own photo as theme.
- Extension button visible in the Speed Dial side panel.

Opera 37.0.2178.54:

- Fixed Bugs.

Opera 37.0.2178.43:

- Built-in ad blocker makes webpages load faster.
- Video pop out displays video in a floating frame, always on top.
- Updated support for the latest Chromium/Blink release, version 50.
- Stability enhancements and bug fixes.

Opera 37.0.2178.32:

- Built-in ad blocker makes webpages load faster.
- Video pop out displays video in a floating frame, always on top.
- Updated support for the latest Chromium/Blink release, version 50.
- Stability enhancements and bug fixes.

Opera 35.0.2066.92 / 12.18:

- Fixed Bugs.

Opera 35.0.2066.68 / 12.17:

- Windows size is retained after autoupdate.
- The Chromium version has been updated to 48.0.2564.109.

Opera 35.0.2066.37 / 12.17:

- We collected the most used browser settings into a basic section in the settings page. Quickly manage startup behavior, the default download location, cookies and pick your theme.
- Mute tabs that are playing sound directly on the tab bar. Hover over a tab and press the mute button to silence it.
- Opera now warns you about active downloads when exiting the app.
- An improved bookmark manager now removes duplicates that may be created when syncing bookmarks between devices.
- Separate search bar available in advanced settings.
- Updated support for the latest Chromium/Blink release, version 48.
- Stability enhancements and bug fixes.

Opera 34.0.2036.50 / 12.17:

- Updated support for the latest Chromium/Blink release, version 47.
- Stability enhancements and bug fixes.

Opera 34.0.2036.47 / 12.17:

- “Mute tab” in context menu, despite flag being disabled by default in O34.
- Turbo badge similar to history badge.
- Fixed bugs.

Opera 34.0.2036.25 / 12.17:

- The Discover feature is now the news feed. We changed the name to make the feature more intuitive and accessible.
- Opera supports MSE audio (audio/mpeg and audio/aac mimetypes), enabling playback from Google Play Music and similar services.
- Improved downloads by adding some new functionality. For example, you can cancel a download directly from the pop-out and resume a download if it was interrupted by Opera closing.
- Updated support for the latest Chromium/Blink release, version 47.
- Stability enhancements and bug fixes.

Opera 33.0.1990.115 / 12.17:

- Fixed Bugs.

Opera 33.0.1990.58 / 12.17:

- NativeThemeAlt for Win10 – WP8.
- Icons and text labels are not aligned with the background.
- Browser back key navigates two entries back instead of one.
- New tab button too close to Tab menu.
- White tile on Windows 8.x and up.
- Enable #submodule-native-theme-alt on all streams.

Opera 33.0.1990.43 / 12.17:

- Opera Turbo includes Turbo 2 compression, bringing you more site compatibility when speeding up networks and more speed when watching videos online.
- Web Audio API now supports proprietary codecs. Opera also now warns you if a site wants exclusive access to your MIDI devices.
- Set which sites handle specific link types with the handlers section of your browser settings.
- Updated support for the latest Chromium/Blink release, version 46.
- Stability enhancements and bug fixes.

Opera 32.0.1948.69 / 12.17:

- Update Chromium on desktop-stable-45-1948 to 45.0.2454.93.
- Opera crashes when downloading file when “nynorsk” is set as language.
- Tab preview doesn’t work if page is scrolled.
- Opera crashes after adding youtube url to bookmarks.
- Crash when renaming SD folder created in Bookmarks Manager.
- Using Shift + Del inside Trash folder crashes renderer.
- [Discover] Endless fetching loop on scarce categories.

Opera 32.0.1948.25 / 12.17:

- Spice up your Speed Dial with animated themes.
- Sync your passwords between computers and better manage what data you sync with advanced settings.
- Bookmark pages more easily with an improved heart menu and better find and organize your bookmarks with a new tree view in the bookmark manager.
- Updated support for the latest Chromium/Blink release, version 45.
- Enhanced support for Chromium desktop capture API.
- Stability enhancements and bug fixes.

Opera 31.0.1889.174 / 12.17:

- Fixed Bugs.

Opera 31.0.1889.99 / 12.17:

- Widevine DRM support allows copy-protected premium content to play from trusted sources.
- Sync your browsing history between devices.
- The Discover feature has been updated to look and feel like the bookmark manager.
- Improvements to speed up start up by decreasing access to files on the hard disk drive.
- Improvements to the network installer.
- Updated support for the latest Chromium/Blink release, version 44.
- Stability enhancements and bug fixes.