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Origin is an application for loading video games made by Electronic Arts that allows users to purchase and add digital copies of games to their libraries, talk to other gamers, stream their games, test new games, etc. You can use this program to purchase and download on your PC various popular EA games such as Battlefield, Sims, FIFА, Need Fоr Speed, Sims, Dragon Age, The Witcher and others.

To use the program, you should create an Origin account, after which you’ll be free to purchase the games and save data to a cloud storage that will make it possible to resume the game from the last saved point or log in to the system from different devices.

Key features of Origin:

- Vast choice of games of different genres and types.
- Fast loading and installation of games.
- Section for free games.
- Ability for game streaming.
- Network gaming with other Origin users.
- Integrated chat for discussing the games.
- Cloud storage for synchronizing your games between different computers.
- Integration with Facebook, PlayStation Network, Xbоx Live.
- Synchronization with iOS and Android devices.

Changes in recent version

Author: Electronic Arts Inc
Price: Free
Windows: 7, 8, 10

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