Paint.NET 4.2 / 3.5.11:

  • This is a big update that focus on adding HEIC file format support, fixing performance with very large images, and upgrading and modernizing the functionality of many existing file types (JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF, and TIFF). Many other quality of life issues have also been addressed or fixed.

Paint.NET 4.1.6 / 3.5.11:

  • New: Completely redone high-res icons throughout the app which match the Microsoft Office style guidelines, with native support for up to 400% scaling (384 DPI).
  • New: File -> Save All.
  • New: Turkish language.
  • New: Move Layer commands are now present in the Layers menu, not just on the Layers window.
  • New: Layers -> Rotate 180.
  • New: Plugins can now use the UIScaleFactor class, which simplifies making decisions about DPI and scaling.
  • Improved: Image thumbnail list at the top of the main window now reacts to horizontal mouse wheel or trackpad swiping.
  • Improved: The Text Tool's "Font Size Metric" button now has a tooltip explaining it
  • Improved: When many images are open, Paint.NET now closes significantly faster.
  • Improved: File -> Open Recent now has up to 10 images (up from 8 ).
  • Changed: Ctrl+Shift+F6 and +F7 will now also reset the floating window sizes for History and Layers, respectively (same if you Ctrl+Shift+Click on the button at the top-right of the main window).
  • Changed: (for plugins) EffectFlags.SingleRenderCall is deprecated. Plugins should use the new EffectRenderingSchedule.None option instead.
  • Changed: Settings -> Plugin Errors now shows up even if there are no plugin errors. This ensures consistency, especially with the newly asynchronous nature of plugin loading .(otherwise there's no way to distinguish "no errors" from "not done loading plugins").
  • Fixed: Items in the File -> Open Recent menu will no longer get bigger or smaller when moving between monitors with different DPIs.
  • Fixed: An icon handle was being leaked every time a dialog was opened.
  • Fixed a crash when running GPU effects (e.g. Black & White) on very large, very tall images.
  • Fixed: "Bad" plugins can no longer ruin the undo system by rendering outside of the selection.

Paint.NET 4.1.5 / 3.5.11:

  • Improved: Image -> Rotate should now complete almost instantly.
  • Improved: Optimized a portion of the rendering engine for newer CPU instruction sets (SSE2, SSSE3, AVX2). Depending on zoom level, CPU type, and other factors, rendering throughput has been improved by 10-50%..
  • Improved: Some performance optimizations for code that uses the indexers on the Surface class, which should improve effect plugin performance.
  • Fixed: Shortcut keys for the Adjustments menu weren't working until after you opened the menu for the first time.
  • Fixed: Canvas checkerboard, used to indicate transparent regions of the image, now scales with DPI.
  • Fixed some of the more rare cases of the SEHException/AccessViolationException crash caused by Direct2D.
  • Fixed: A bug in IndirectUI was resulting in a crash when using @BoltBait's Level Horizon plugin.
  • Fixed: Per-user fonts no longer cause a crash for the Store version.
  • New: The paintdotnet: protocol now works for the Classic version.
  • Fixed: The p?aintdotnet: ?protocol should now work properly with paths that have spaces in them.
  • Fixed: Hardened security for loading Custom Shape plugins via XAML.

Paint.NET 4.1.4 / 3.5.11:

  • Improved: Massive startup performance improvement when lots of effect plugins are installed.
  • Fixed a crash that would happen when closing an image, exiting the app, or sometimes just at random. This was happening due to a bug in Direct2D where ID2D1EffectContext does not honor the multithreaded initialization flag from its ID2D1Factory, and was thus corrupting its own internal data structures when released on the finalizer thread.
  • Fixed: DirectX 9 GPUs can now utilize hardware acceleration again (in 4.1.3 they were forced to use software rendering).
  • Fixed: The Black & White and Invert Colors adjustments no longer display an OK/Cancel dialog.

Paint.NET 4.1.3 / 3.5.11:

  • Fixed a crash when zooming due to missing pixel shader support on DX9 class GPUs.

Paint.NET 4.1.2 / 3.5.11:

  • Improved startup performance if "a lot" of effect plugins are installed. More optimizations are coming in the next update.
  • Fixed: Pixel grid no longer draws some dots darker than others at some zoom levels, as reported at
  • Fixed: Radial Blur was not handling alpha correctly.
  • Fixed: IndirectUI ColorWheel swatch is now rendered correctly (without the fading alpha gradient).
  • Fixed: The tooltip describing the shortcut key for tools now indicates how many times to press the key (e.g., press S four times for Magic Wand selection).
  • Fixed: Pressing Escape to deselect now works with all tools (this bug was introduced in v4.0).
  • Fixed: Images with variable alpha were not displaying correctly at some zoom levels. They were "too dark" in translucent regions. Reported here:
  • Fixed: For the Store release, launching with the paintdotnet: protocol no longer shows an error if no parameters are provided.
  • Fixed a crash for some effects that were rendering too quickly.
  • Fixed a bug in the Image>Resize dialog where the asterisk and the note about which resampling mode was being used, e.g. "* Bicubic will be used," weren't going away or updating correctly.
  • New: Added a /set:SETTING=VALUE command-line parameter. This is specifically useful for disabling hardware acceleration if the app won't start or you can't reach the Settings dialog. This is also necessary for the Store release whose virtualized registry cannot be edited. To launch the Store version with hardware acceleration disabled, go to Start -> Run and type in "paintdotnet:/set:UI/EnableHardwareAcceleration=false" (without quotes) and press OK.
  • New: Added detection for when "Diebold Warsaw" is causing Paint.NET to crash. The error message will indicate this cause.

Paint.NET 4.1.1 / 3.5.11:

  • New: Ukranian translation.
  • New: Norwegian translation.
  • Fixed a bug in the IndirectUI color wheel control where it wouldn’t pick up the correct value for the alpha slider.
  • Fixed a crash with the new Shapes that would sometimes occur because the resources file wasn’t updated yet (probably due to a „you have to reboot“ dialog at the end of updating that was ignored).
  • Reinstated the shortcut keys for the Adjustments menu, as this was a very unpopular change.
  • Improved: IndirectUI angle chooser control now supports the UpDownIncrement property.

Paint.NET 4.1 / 3.5.11:

  • This hotfix corrects a bug that was introduced when pasting images that are larger than the canvas.
  • Fixed a bug where a pasted image would be clipped after choosing "Keep canvas size".

Paint.NET 4.0.21 / 3.5.11:

  • This hotfix corrects a bug that was introduced when pasting images that are larger than the canvas.
  • Fixed a bug where a pasted image would be clipped after choosing "Keep canvas size".

Paint.NET 4.0.20 / 3.5.11:

  • New: Dark Theme support.
  • New: .NET Framework 4.7 is now required, and will be automatically installed if needed.
  • New: Explorer thumbnails are now supported for TGA and DDS file types.
  • Fixed and Improved: High-DPI support throughout the application.
  • Fixed: Color Picker tool was not always honoring the "Switch to previous tool" setting.
  • Fixed the arrow keys not working properly until the second shape (or line/curve) was drawn.
  • Fixed the zoom slider being "wiggly" while being dragged around.
  • Fixed a glitch with the mouse cursor (resize handle) at the lower-left corner of the main window.
  • Fixed a crash in the Shape tool renderer (BadNumberException via ID2D1Geometry::GetWidenedBounds).
  • Fixed a hang in the Frosted Glass effect.
  • Fixed a hang in the Levels adjustment.
  • Fixed a rendering issue in the Move Selected Pixels tool.
  • Fixed: Canvas now processes WM_MOUSEHWHEEL, which was preventing some horizontal mouse wheels and trackpad swipe gestures from working properly.
  • Fixed: Plugins will no longer completely crash the app on Windows 10 S (note, however, that plugins other than custom Shapes do not work on Windows 10 S).

Paint.NET 4.0.19 / 3.5.11:

- Fixed missing thumbnails in Explorer for non-.PDN images (e.g. .PNG, .JPG), if Paint.NET was configured to open these types by default.
- Fixed a crash at startup that affected some people with a redirected Documents folder (e.g. network share).

Paint.NET 4.0.18 / 3.5.11:

- This update improves performance and is the first version to be made available on the Windows Store.
- Improved: Startup performance has been improved by about 25%.
- New: Now available on the Windows Store! com/store/apps/9NBHCS1LX4R0.
- Improved: Plugins can now be installed per-user into " App Files" into folders named Effects, FileTypes, and Shapes. This is required for using plugins with the Store release. To disable this (e.g. for administrators), set the "Plugins/AllowLoadingPluginsFromUserLocations" key to "false" (
- Improved: When using Portable Mode, custom palette files are stored next to the EXE instead of in Documents.
- Fixed: There was a crash on some systems that may have prevented the app from starting up (MissingMethodException for "System.GC.Collect").

Paint.NET 4.0.17 / 3.5.11:

- Added: "Fluid mouse input" option in Settings -> UI -> Troubleshooting. If you see major glitches while drawing, try disabling this.
- Improved: Default brush size, font size, and corner radius size now scales with major DPI scaling levels (brush size of 2 at 100% scaling, brush size of 4 at 200% scaling, etc).
- Improved: Default image size now scales with major DPI scaling levels (800x600 at 100%, 1600x1200 at 200%, etc.).
- Improved performance and drawing latency by removing explicit calls to System.GC.Collect() except when low memory conditions are encountered.
- Improved performance by greatly reducing object allocation amplification by reducing the concurrency level when using ConcurrentDictionary, and by removing WeakReference allocations in favor of direct GCHandle usage.
- Improved: Performance and battery usage by ensuring animations always run at the monitor's actual refresh rate.
- Improved (reduced) CPU usage when moving the mouse around the canvas
Removed: "Hold Ctrl to hide handle" from the Text tool because it was not useful and caused lots of confusion.
- Fixed: Various high-DPI fixes, including horrible looking mouse cursors caused by a bug in .the latest .NET WinForms update.
- Fixed: Gradient tool no longer applies dithering "outside" of the gradient (in areas that should have a solid color).
- Fixed: Very slow performance opening the Effects menu when lots of plugins are installed after installing the Windows 10 Creators Update.
- Fixed: When cropping and then performing an undo, the scroll position was totally wrong.
- Fixed a rendering glitch in the Save Configuration dialog (it would "wiggle").
- Fixed: At certain brush sizes, the brush indicator on the canvas had a visual glitch in it due to a bug in Direct2D.
- Fixed: Text tool buttons for Bold, Italics, Underline were not localized for a few languages.
- Fixed a rare crash in the taskbar thumbnails.
- Fixed: Drawing with an aliased brush and opaque color (alpha=255) sometimes resulted in non-opaque pixels due to a bug in Direct2D's ID2D1RenderTarget::FillOpacityMask.
- Fixed: "Olden" effect should no longer cause crashes (it still has some rendering artifacts due to its multithreading problems, however).

Paint.NET 4.0.16 / 3.5.11:

- Fixed a crash or hang that sometimes happens when copying images from Internet Explorer, Edge, or Firefox, and then using File->New or Edit->Paste in

Paint.NET 4.0.15 / 3.5.11:

- Fixed a crash in the Magic Wand tool if it was used twice in a row with a selection mode other than Replace.

Paint.NET 4.14 / 3.5.11:

- Improved the performance of the Brush tools when antialiasing is enabled.
- Improved the quality of the Brush tools when antialiasing is disabled.
- Fixed: Edit->Paste wasn't working with some images that came from Firefox.
- Fixed: Improved the reliability of Image->Crop to Selection on 32-bit systems. Instead of crashing when it runs out of memory, it will just show an error.
- Fixed: Reduced crashes when loading UI images caused by an unreliable Windows.component ("System.ArgumentException: Parameter is not valid").
- Fixed: When manually checking for updates in the Settings dialog and the user didn't .actually have the necessary security privileges, a crash might result instead of an error dialog.

Paint.NET 4.0.13 / 3.5.11:

- Fixed Bugs.

Paint.NET 4.0.12 / 3.5.11:

- Fixed Bugs.

Paint.NET 4.0.11 / 3.5.11:

- New: Rounded Rectangle's corner size ("radius") is now configurable.
- New: Overscroll can now be disabled from within Settings.
- Fixed bugs.

Paint.NET 4.0.10 / 3.5.11:

- New: The canvas may now be scrolled past the edge of the image.
- New: When holding the spacebar, you may scroll using the keyboard arrow keys (in addition to click-and-drag panning). Holding Ctrl will scroll at 10x the rate.
- New: You can now hold Ctrl+Shift while clicking on the floating window icons in order to reset their location and docking. Ctrl+Shift along with the appropriate hotkey (F5, F6, F7, F8) also does the trick.
- Improved: The rate of auto-scrolling, which triggers when the mouse is at the canvas edge and a button is being held down, has been improved and is based on time instead of frames.
- Improved: Fixed Size selection drawing now defaults to 400x300 pixels instead of 4x3 inches.
- Improved: Tooltips for Custom Shapes now include their file system location.
- Improved: Edit->Invert Selection should perform much faster when used with unmodified selections from the Magic Wand tool.
- Improved: When running within VMWare, "Hardware accelerated rendering" is disabled by default (Microsoft's WARP is faster than VMWare's D3D emulation).
- Fixed: Erratic brush/pencil drawing when running within VMWare (this is caused by a bug in Win32's GetMouseMovePointEx API, and is not actually limited to VMWare).
- Fixed: Color Picker tool could crash if used at the bottom of the image.
- Fixed: There was a glitch in the Gradient tool's rendering when dx was equal to dy.
- Fixed: The Layers window would sometimes auto-scroll the active layer to the bottom when performing certain operations.
- Fixed some mouse cursor glitches when using panning using the spacebar.
- Fixed many glitches and a few crashes in the image size dialogs (File->New, Image->Resize, Image->Canvas Size).
- Fixed a problem with inconsinstently skipped input when using the arrow keys to move tool handles.
- Fixed: Custom Shapes did not always have the correct bounding box, and would have weird behavior as a result.
- Fixed: Line/Curve handles were unusable for up to 500ms after adjusting properties in the toolbar.
- Fixed some crashes and soft hangs in the Save Configuration dialog.
- Fixed a blemish at the top of the main window when Windows is set to 200% DPI.
- Fixed: There were some precision bugs with IndirectUI sliders that would cause them to get "stuck" at certain values (mostly affects effect plugins).
- Improved: IndirectUI's Angle Chooser control now supports the DecimalPlaces property (for plugins).
- Improved: IndirectUI's Slider controls now support all-negative ranges (e.g. [-200, -20]).

Paint.NET 4.0.9 / 3.5.11:

- Fixed Bugs.

Paint.NET 4.0.6 / 3.5.11:

- New: You can now create and install custom shapes for the Shapes tool.
- New: Updated to work better with Windows 10.
- New: Increased the maximum brush size to 2000.
- New: IndirectUI-based effect plugins can now provide help text, accessible via the question mark button.
- New: Effect plugins may now access the current palette via IPalettesService.
- Improved: Reduced memory usage of brush tools when using large brush sizes.
- Fixed: Holding shift to constrain the angle of the roll control (Layers -> Rotate/Zoom) wasn’t working correctly.
- Fixed: Various shapes (hexagon, pentagon, triangle, etc.) are now symmetric when holding the shift key.
- Fixed: Multiple high-dpi blemishes in the main window and many dialog boxes (Settings, Save Configuration, all effect dialogs, etc.)
- Fixed: Various minor/rare crashes.

Paint.NET 4.0.5:

- Fixed Bugs.

Paint.NET 4.0.4:

- New: Added a ‘Fill’ property to the Paintbrush tool (regression from 3.5).
- Faster: Move Selected Pixels has been significantly optimized.
- Faster: Magic Wand Tool has been significantly optimized.
- Faster: Working with aliased selections ("aliased selection quality" in the toolbar) has been significantly optimized.
- Faster: Edit->Copy and Edit->Copy Merged are now up to 2x faster.
- Faster: Drawing when a selection is active; clipping performance is now improved.
- Fixed: The Text tool no longer produces terrible looking text when using Smooth rendering mode without antialiasing.
- Fixed: The Gear shape had a few glitches.
- Fixed: Using a Fill pattern with the Paint Bucket would sometimes produces misaligned or "corrupt looking" results.
- Fixed: The alignment of the menu buttons in the top-right was off by 2 pixels, causing them to look weird at high-DPI.
- Fixed: The zoom buttons in the status bar would not recognize clicks unless the main window was already in focus.
- Fixed: Some incorrect errors about requiring Windows 7 SP1 when launching the installer from something like an old version of WinZip.
- Fixed: Edit->Clear Selection and Edit->Cut were filling with transparent black (#00000000) instead of transparent white (#00FFFFFF). This caused some discrepancies compared to older versions of Paint.NET (regression from 3.5).
- Fixed: Pressing Ctrl+A when a drawing tool was active would sometimes incorrectly show a tinted selection.
- Fixed: Text in the title bar was not visible when using a 3rd party Aero theme with black titlebars.


- Creates True Crypt images.
- Mounts password protected ZIP files.
- Bugs fixed.


- SPTD 1.86.
- Bugs fixed.

Paint.NET 4.0.3:

- Fixed Bugs.

Paint.NET 4.0.2:

- Fixed the gamma and contrast for text rendering on some systems where the wrong values were being used ("rainbow" text).
- Colors window now correctly lets you paste a hex color value that starts with a hash, e.g. #112233.
- Gradient tool now lets you reverse a transparency gradient by clicking the right mouse button on one of the handles (regression from 3.5).
- Move Selected Pixels now lets you hold Control to leave a copy of the selected area behind on the initial move (regression from 3.5).
- Paint Bucket tool’s hatch fill modes weren’t working with the Overwrite blending mode (regression from 3.5).
- Fixed a keyboard tabbing issue in the Resize dialog (regression from 3.5).
- Fixed the language setting in the Settings dialog not always allowing you to set it to English if your system’s default language is non-English.
- Fixed a performance issue that caused images with many layers (50+) to take a VERY long time to open, close, or even switch away from (regression from 3.5).
- Fixed a rare crash at application exit.
- Fixed an issue that prevented 4.0.1 from installing on top of 4.0 when using the MSI (e.g. AD/GPO network deployment).
- Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause the installer to take 30+ seconds to appear.

Paint.NET 4.0.1:

- Move Selected Pixels tool performance has been significantly optimized.
- Move Selected Pixels tool was always leaving transparent black behind instead of the secondary color with alpha removed.
- Brush tools with odd-sized brushes and no antialiasing were drawing at 1 size smaller.
- Fixed some apparent ‘lag’ in the brush tools due to an off-by-1 glitch in the stroke path calculation code.
- The brush tool preview circle no longer scales by the system DPI setting, which made it too big.
- Removed the momentary hourglass/wait cursor after drawing (e.g. pencil and brush tools).
- Optimized performance of the Shapes tool, especially for the Ellipse shape.
- Paint Bucket tool will now correctly treat the selection as a boundary contour.
- Zoom tool no longer crashes sometimes when pressing the right mouse button while already holding the left mouse button.
- The status bar now reports the correct selection location when it’s outside the image boundaries (e.g. negative values).
- Auto-scrolling on the edge of the window now works correctly and doesn’t require you to "jiggle the mouse" for each scroll update.
- Touch screens no longer scroll when swiping up/down with one finger.
- Improved the pixel grid’s contrast so it’s not overwhelmingly bright.
- The transparency "checkerboard" is now aligned to the top-left of the image, instead of the top-left of the canvas.
- The cursor position reported in the status bar was off-by-1 when the value was supposed to be negative.
- Some controls (e.g. units selection in the Image->Resize dialog) were not drawing focus rectangles when using the keyboard.
- Fixed a crash (OutOfMemoryException) when using a selection tool when hardware acceleration is disabled.
- Fixed a crash (TimeBeforeLastUpdateException) in the installer. This usually happens when running in a virtual machine, and only affects animations.
- Fixed a crash (BadImageFormatException) at startup. This indicates an installation error, and will be automatically repaired.
- Fixed various crashes caused by having the wrong (old) version of PaintDotNet.SystemLayer.Native.dll. This indicates an installation error, and will be automatically repaired.
- Improved performance when software rendering is used (e.g. when hardware accelerated rendering is disabled).
- All 7th generation Intel GPUs now default to hardware rendering. All older Intel GPUs default to software rendering.
- Fixed graphical artifacts (blackness, flickering, mouse trails) on certain GPUs (e.g. NVIDIA Optimus).
- NVIDIA ION graphics cards now default to software rendering due to crashes..
- Fixed an issue that was causing beta updates to be offered even if “Also check for pre-release (beta) versions of” was disabled in Settings.

Paint.NET 4.0:

- A brand new, asynchronous, fully multithreaded rendering engine allows performance to scale very well with respect to the number of CPU cores whether you have 2, 4, 6, or even 16 of them.
- The responsiveness of the user interface has been greatly improved, especially when working with large images.
- Memory usage is lower.
- Improved battery life impact due to fixing the way the floating windows manage their transparency.
- Startup performance when many plugins are installed is improved
- Selections are now antialiased, which greatly improves the quality around the edges of selected content. You can turn this on and off at any time from the toolbar.
- Everything related to selections now has much higher performance and greatly reduced CPU usage, especially if hardware acceleration (GPU) is enabled.
- The selection outline is now rendered using the “dancing ants” animation, which greatly improves the contrast between it and the image itself.
- The functionality previously provided by the Utilities, Window, and Help menus has been simplified, consolidated, and moved to the top-right corner of the main window.
- The image thumbnail list has been moved up 1 row so that it no longer intrudes into the current Tool’s toolbar space. This means it will no longer “jump around” when you switch between tools. This also means that it is aligned to the top of the monitor when the main window is maximized, making it easier to click on images (Fitt’s law).
- The image thumbnail list can now be reordered with drag-and-drop.
- A brand new Settings dialog makes it much easier to configure all the tool and toolbar defaults, among other things.
- The zoom slider and units selector have been moved from the toolbar to the bottom right corner of the window (into the status bar).
- Each image now shows up as its own taskbar item. This can be disabled in the Settings dialog with “Show image previews in the Windows taskbar.”
- Layers can now be reordered with drag-and-drop.
- Ctrl+Click on the Move Layer Up/Down buttons will now move a layer to the top/bottom, respectively.
- Improved quality of Image->Resize.
- Edit –> Copy Merged will copy all layers to the clipboard without having to use Image->Flatten first.
- Copying to the clipboard now includes the “PNG” format, which allows transparency to survive from many popular applications (e.g. Office)
- You can now use the middle mouse button to scroll/pan the image at any time (same functionality as holding down the spacebar along with clicking and dragging the mouse).
- Shift+Backspace will now fill the selection with the secondary color (Backspace, the shortcut key for Edit -> Fill Selection, still fills with primary color as usual).
- now shows up in Windows’ “Default Programs” control panel so you can configure its file type associations without reinstalling.
- EXIF rotation metadata is now applied when opening images (e.g. JPG taken with a rotated camera).
- Eleven (11) new languages, bringing the total to 21: Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Czech, Danish, Dutch, English,Finnish, French, German, Hindi, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean,Lithuanian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Portuguese (Portugal), Russian, and Spanish.
- Crash logs are now stored in%LOCALAPPDATA%\\CrashLogs (e.g. C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\\CrashLogs) instead of on the desktop.
- New effect: Photo -> Vignette.
- Improved the quality of the Photo -> Red Eye Removal effect.
- Improved UI for Layers -> Rotate/Zoom.
- Effect plugins now show up with a jigsaw puzzle icon next to them in the menus. You can hover over the effect to see information about it, including the author and location of its DLL.
- Errors while loading effect plugins are now displayed in the Settings dialog.
- Most Tools now support “fine-grained history.” You may adjust the properties of what you’ve drawn (e.g. colors, toolbar settings) before committing to the layer (use the “Finish” button or press Enter), and each change is tracked in the history.
- Tools may now draw directly with a blending mode, configurable from the toolbar. All of the layer blending modes are supported, as well as “Overwrite.”
- Drawing tools (Pencil, Paintbrush, Eraser, Clone Stamp, Recolor) now have much smoother mouse input handling via GetMouseMovePointsEx.
- Brush tools (Paintbrush, Eraser, Clone Stamp, Recolor) now have soft brushes support via a “Hardness” setting in the toolbar.
- The Move tools (Move Selected Pixels, Move Selection) have a much better UI for scaling, moving, and (especially) rotation.
- The Move tools now support moving the rotation anchor, which changes the center of rotation.
- The new Shapes tool replaces the Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle, Ellipse, and Freeform shape tools. 27 shapes are currently available. You may move, resize, and rotate a shape, as well as reconfigure any other properties from the toolbar (color, outline size, etc.) before committing it to the layer.
- Color Picker has a configurable sampling radius, and can sample from either the current layer or the whole image.
- Gradient tool now supports a new Spiral gradient type and allows configuration of the repeat mode (none, repeat, wrapped).
- Gradient tool has improved rendering quality via dithering and antialiasing. You can control both of these with the standard antialiasing toggle in the toolbar.
- Magic Wand and Paint Bucket now allow live adjustment of Tolerance and the Origin (click location) after clicking (press Enter to commit/finish).
- Magic Wand and Paint Bucket can now sample from either the current layer or the whole image.
- Paint Bucket tool now supports anti-aliasing.
- Recolor tool can now use the color of the pixel where you click as the color to be replaced. Or, as usual, it can use the secondary color.
- Text tool now supports multiple rendering modes: Smooth, Sharp (Modern), and Sharp (Classic). These correspond to DirectWrite rendering modes of Outline, ClearType Natural Symmetric, and GDI Classic, respectively.
- Text tool now supports colored fonts on Windows 8.1.

Paint.NET 3.5.11:

- Fixed: The Gaussian Blur effect was incorrectly calculating alpha values for non-opaque pixels.
- Improved performance of the Sharpen effect by about 25%.
- Improved performance of the Median effect by about 30%.
- Improved performance of the Fragment effect by about 40%.
- Improved performance of the Unfocus effect by about 100%.
- Reduced memory usage when many selection manipulation operations are in the history/undo stack (the undo data is now saved to disk).
- The built-in updater now supports upgrading to 4.0 (once it’s available).

Paint.NET 3.5.10:

- Fixed Bugs.

Paint.NET 3.5.9:

- Fixed Bugs.

Paint.NET 3.5.8:

- This update fixes some issues with the fault-tolerant save feature introduced in 3.5.7.

Paint.NET 3.5.7:

- Improves reliability of saving.
- Further improves Copy/Paste functionality.
- Fixes some other miscellaneous bugs.

Paint.NET 3.5.6:

- Improved the performance and quality of the Curves and Hue/Saturation adjustments.
- Some minor improvements to memory usage, which should help out a few scenarios on 32-bit systems.
- Fixed bugs.