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Paragon Partition Manager Free

Partition Manager Free Edition is a free application for organizing hard disks that makes it possible to apply various operations to them: resizing partitions and converting file systems, checking your disk for bad sectors and file system integrity, etc. There is also a tool for defragmenting partitions and optimizing cluster size.

Partition Manager Free Edition has a simple and intuitive user interface, as well as a number of wizards letting you divide and create new disk partitions step by step. It is important to mention that the partitioning process does not affect the data stored on the disk.

Key features of Partition Manager Free Edition:

- Simple and user-friendly interface.
- Graphical data representation for better understanding.
- Basic functions for initializing, partitioning and formatting hard disks.
- Support for all popular file systems.
- Wizards for quick creation and resizing of partitions.
- Ability to convert the file system (FAT16/32, NTFS) without formatting the disk.
- Assigning (volume labeling) a drive letter to any partition under any file system.
- Ability to adjust file system parameters.

Changes in recent version

Author: Paragon Technologie GmbH.
Price: Free
Windows: XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, 11

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