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PC Tools ThreatFire is malware protection utility, operating basing on the program behavior analysis. Du to this principle it detects other antivirus-proof malware. PC Tools ThreatFire is antiviral program, providing modernized system activity monitoring, allowing getting detailed report about every process launched, as well as search for any process in system or to end it.

PC Tools ThreatFire is useful tool for PC users mostly in nowadays, when new viruses are created almost every day. These viruses are sometimes skipped by standard antiviruses with signature analyzers. Unlike these antiviruses, Tools ThreatFire provides possibility to detect and destroy virus which is not yet entered in antivirus database. Main operating principle is constant control of different software activity. User can setup software suspiciousness level on his own, using Settings / General / Protection Level parameter.

Features of PC Tools ThreatFire:

- Settings of additional system control parameters and potentially dangerous process observing.
- Double extinction programs and screensavers scanning on malicious code presence.
- Master of personal monitoring settings.
- System virus scanning: Full Scan, Basic Scan for simplified scanning, when only basic system component are scanned.

Changes in recent version

Author: PC Tools
Price: Free
Windows: XP, Vista, 7

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