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PCSX2 is an open-source PlayStation 2 emulator for the Windows operating systems. In its latest stable release, many PS2 games are playable, and several games have full functionality. The main bottleneck in PS2 emulation is emulating the multi-core PS2 on a PC x86 architecture.

PCSX2, like its predecessor project PCSX, is based on a plug-in architecture, separating several functions from the core emulator. These are the graphics, audio, input controls, CD/DVD drive, and USB and FireWire ports. Different plug-ins may produce different results in both compatibility and performance.

Features of PCSX2:

- Recompilers for Emotion Engine (EE), Vector Unit 0 (VU0) and Vector Unit 1 (VU1). They are used to translate some parts of the original PS2 machine code into x86 machine code, speeding up emulation.
- Dual core support allows PCSX2 to use up to 2 CPU cores speeding up the emulator significantly.
- Proper SPU2 emulation helps reproduce PS2 audio or even enhanced audio on the PC.
- Full gamepad support makes it possible to emulate every Dual Shock 2 feature.
- Patch system to create cheats easily. It can also be used to skip code where emulation is still broken. This feature is quite user-friendly and easy to use.
- Additional optimizations to speed up emulation. You will be able to play certain games on lower-end machines thanks to this feature.
- Fully working memcard support.
- Fully working IPU support responsible for FMV - video cutscenes should mostly run correctly.

Changes in recent version

Author: PCSX2 team
Price: Free
Windows: 7, 8, 10

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