PhotoFiltre 7.2.1


PhotoFiltre is small size program with easy and rich functionality. PhotoFiltre options include all features necessary for photo pictures handling, as well as templates and preset using feature. Both standard, most often used editing functions (brightness, contrast, saturation, color and white balance) and a lot of artistic effects.

One of most unique PhotoFiltre options is work with selected image fragments. PhotoFiltre provides choice of two types selections: first type is standard forms selection – rectangle, ellipse, triangle, rhomb, rectangle with rounded angles; the second is arbitrary form and multi angles selection. There is an option of applying own special effects to image fragments and save them as separate files. PhotoFiltre Toolbar includes full toolkit for painting, removing, and replacing images area. Brushes kit includes standard form brushes (different size round and rectangle brushes), as well as very specific– lines, leaves, stars, birds etc.

Special PhotoMasque allows using preset templates-masques for creation advanced semitransparent images margins effects. PhotoMasque package contains several base masques, which can be used for creation and using own masques.

Features of PhotoMasque:

- Plugins expanding available (up to 30 plugins).
- Image Explorer for quick and fast images selection from folders.
- More than 100 different filters.
- Automation module for base functions (converting, resizing, framing) applying for images batch.
- Pictures browser.
- Creating icons from GIF images.
- Advanced text effects (rotating, shadows, emboss).
- Different outlines and textures types.
- Image combination.

Changes in recent version (change history)

Author: Antonio Da Cruz
Price: Free
Windows: 98, 2K, XP, 2K3, Vista, 7

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