PhotoScape 3.7

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Photoscape is program, allowing viewing images, editing graphics, handling files in batch mode, and convert RAW-files. Utility provides a plenty of filters for images editing (wind, waves, oil, etc). The program ideally suits for those who needs edit multiple photo before put out to online photo storages, online albums, and web-pages.

Features of PhotoScape:

- Resizing, brightness changing, color saturation and white-balance adjustment, backlight correction, frames, balloons, text, drawing pictures, cropping.
- Batch editor: Batch editing multiple photos.
- Removes red eye.
- Making one photo by merging multiple photos at the page frame.
- Combine: Make one photo by attaching multiple photos vertically or horizontally.
- Animated GIF: Make one animation photo with multiple photos.
- Print: Print portrait shot, carte de visite, passport photo.
- Splitter: Divide a photo into multiple parts.
- Screen Capture: Capture your screenshot and save it.
- Color Picker: Zoom in screen on images, search and pick the color.
- Rename: Change photo file names in batch mode.
- Raw Converter: Convert RAW to JPG.
- Slide show viewing mode.

Changes in recent version (change history)

Price: Free
Windows: XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10

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