Picasa 3.9.141 Build 259:

- Fixed Bugs.

8.2 Build 287:

- No data.

Picasa 3.9 Build 136.17:

- Closer integration with Online Contact Management.
- Better Face Tagging support.
- Preserve size settings for album upload as default for re-uploads.
- Fixed bugs.

Picasa 3.9 Build 135.80:

- Fixed Bugs.

Picasa 3.9 Build 135.78:

- Added ability to upload to Google+: share with circles, post pictures to your stream, and upload images at original size.
- Social Tagging: name tag people in your Google+ circles and notify them via G+.
- New photo editing effects.
- Side by side editing: compare two pictures side-by-side, or compare different edits on the same picture.
- Updated RAW support for pictures from newer cameras.
- Support for WebP files.
- On the Tools > Experimental menu, we've added support for migrating your database to another local drive.
- Improvements to Face Movie maker: number of photos included, chronological ordering.
- Sync now uploads unshared albums privately.
- Improved restoring of virtual albums when you uninstall and reinstall, or move to a new computer. Album data is written to the picasa.ini file now, along with all of your other edits.
- OAuth support.

Picasa 3.8.0 Build 117.24:

- Fixed various translation issues.
- Face Movies now correctly display captions.

Picasa 3.8.0 Build 117.16:

- Now available in 38 languages.

Picasa 3.8.0 Build 115.66:

- Fixed Bugs.

Picasa 3.8.0 Build 115.53:

- Create a Face Movie from a selection of photos in the tray (instead of using the entire Person Album).
- Original file jpeg quality preserved when saving from Picnik.
- Color Management is now turned off by default.
- Fixed Bugs.

Picasa 3.8 Build 115.45:

- Added Face Movie to create face-aligned movies for named contacts.
- Added Batch Upload (via Tools > Batch Upload) to allow you to take bulk actions on your photos: upload, change options, and remove online photos.
- Added Picnik online photo-editing to the Basic Fixes tab.
- Added Color Management to support color profiles.
- Added the Properties panel to view EXIF data and improve support for XMP metadata.
- Added support for uploading photo order to Picasa Web for manually re-ordered photos.
- Added an option to upload people album thumbnails to Google Contacts.

Picasa 3.6 Build 105.67:

- Fix to various crashes during initial scan/startup as a result of Quicktime.
- For Windows 7 & Windows Vista, fix for a question mark icon that displays in the Library list for photo folders with 1,000 or more photos.