Pidgin 2.12.0:

- Purple-url-handler now works with Python 3.x.
- Fixed an issue where transient startup statuses could be deleted.
- The shout smile now matches the default theme.
- Updates Cyrus SASL 2.1.26.
- Updates Cyruslibxml2 2.9.2.
- Updates CyrusNSS 3.20.1 and NSPR 4.10.10.
- Updates CyrusPerl 5.20.1.
- Updates CyrusSILC 1.1.12.
- Updates CyrusRemove support for Tcl plugins.
- Updated internal libgadu to version 1.12.1.
- Support GStreamer 1.0.
- Bump farstream02 requirement to 0.2.7
- Other VV related changes required for the third-party SIPE plugin.
- Fix for AIM when using gateway proxies.
- Don't render smileys in the History plugin's headers.

Pidgin 2.11.0:

- Fixed Bugs.

Pidgin 2.10.12:

- purple-url-handler now works with Python 3.x (Daniël van Eeden)
- Fixed an issue where transient startup statuses could be deleted (Jakub Adam) (#16762)
- The shout smile now matches the default theme (Steve Vaught)
- Updates to dependencies: Cyrus SASL 2.1.26, libxml2 2.9.2, NSS 3.20.1 and NSPR 4.10.10, Perl 5.20.1, SILC 1.1.12.
- Remove support for Tcl plugins.
- Gadu-Gadu: Updated internal libgadu to version 1.12.1.

Pidgin 2.10.11:

- Fixed Bugs.

Pidgin 2.10.10:

- Fixed Bugs.

Pidgin 2.10.9:

- Fixed Bugs.

Pidgin 2.10.8:

- Fixed Bugs.

Pidgin 2.10.7:

- Compile with secure flags.
- Installer downloads GTK+ Runtime and Debug Symbols more securely.
- Updates to a number of dependencies, some of which have security related fixes.

Pidgin 2.10.6:

- Fixed Bugs.

Pidgin 2.10.5:

- libpurple: Add support for GNOME3 proxy settings.
- Pidgin: Fix a crash that may occur when trying to ignore a user who is not in the current chat room.
- MSN: Fix building with MSVC on Windows (broken in 2.10.4).
- MXit: Fix a buffer overflow vulnerability when parsing incoming messages containing inline images.

Pidgin 2.10.4:

- Support building against Farstream in addition to Farsight.
- Disable periodic WHO timer.
- Print unknown numerics to channel windows if we can associate them.
- Words added to spell check dictionaries are saved across restarts of Pidgin.
- Fixed Bugs.

Pidgin 2.10.3:

- Fixed Bugs.

Pidgin 2.10.2:

- Pidgin: Add support for the GNOME3 Network dialog.
- Pidgin: Add support for the GNOME3 Default Application dialog for configuring the Browser.
- libpurple: Support new connection states and signals for NetworkManager 0.9+.
- AIM and ICQ: Allow signing on with usernames containing periods and underscores.
- AIM and ICQ: Allow adding buddies containing periods and underscores.
- MSN: Support new protocol version MSNP18.
- Fixed bugs.

Pidgin 2.10.1:

- Fixed Bugs.

Pidgin 2.10.0:

- Pidgin: Make the max size of incoming smileys a pref instead of hardcoding it.
- Pidgin: Added a plugin information dialog to show information for plugins that aren't otherwise visible in the plugins dialog.
- Gadu-Gadu: Better status message handling.
- Many other additions, changes and corrections.

Pidgin 2.9.0:

- Significantly improved performance of larger IRC channels.
- The Evolution Integration plugin compiles again.
- Fixed bugs.

Pidgin 2.8.0:

- Implement simple silence suppression for voice calls, preventing wasted bandwidth for silent periods during a call.
- libpurple: Allow obtaining active local and remote candidates.
- libpurple: Allow getting/setting video capabilities.
- libpurple: Support new connection states in NetworkManager 0.9.
- Gadu-Gadu:Allow showing your status only to buddies.
- MXit: Support for an Invite Message when adding a buddy.
- MXit: New profile attributes added and shown.
- MXit: Added the ability to view and invite your Suggested Friends, and to search for contacts.
- XMPP: Remember the previously entered user directory when searching.
- Many other additions, changes and corrections.

Pidgin 2.7.9:

- Fixed Bugs.

Pidgin 2.7.8:

- Fixed Bugs.

Pidgin 2.7.7:

- Allow multiple CA certificates to share the same Distinguished Name (DN).
- The GNUTLS SSL plugin now discards any certificate (and all subsequent certificates) in a chain if it did not sign the previous certificate.
- Open requests related to a file transfer are now closed when the request is cancelled locally.
- AIM should now connect if "Use clientLogin" is turned off and the "Server" field is set to anything other than "" or "".
- AIM and ICQ: Fix a crash on connection loss.

Pidgin 2.7.6:

- AIM and ICQ: SSL option has been changed to a tri-state menu with choices for "Don't Use Encryption", "Use Encryption if Available", and "Require Encryption".
- MSN: Added support for MSNP16, including Multiple Points of Presence (MPOP) which allows multiple simultaneous sign-ins.
- MSN: Added extended capabilities support (none implemented).
- MSN: Merged the work done on the Google SoC (major rewrite of SLP code).
- XMPP: Authentication mechanisms can now be added by UI's or other plugins with some work. This is outside the API/ABI rules.
- Build the Pidgin Theme Editor plugin (finally).
- Many other additions, changes and corrections.

Pidgin 2.7.5:

- Added Verisign Class 3 Public CA - G2 root CA.
- Properly differentiate between bn and bn_IN in the Translation Information dialog.
- New ICQ accounts default to proper ICQ servers. Old accounts using one of the old default servers will be silently migrated to use the proper servers.
- Other additions, changes and corrections.

Pidgin 2.7.4:

- Remap the "Set User Mood" shortcut to Control-D, which does not conflict with the previous shortcut for Get Buddy Info on the selected buddy.
- Add a plugin action menu (under Tools) for the Voice and Video Settings plugin.
- Finch: Add support for drop-down account options (like the SILC cipher and HMAC options or the QQ protocol version).
- Yahoo: Improvements for some file transfer scenarios, but not all.
- Many other additions, changes and corrections.

Pidgin 2.7.3:

- Pidgin: Re-focus the input area after clicking the attention toolbar button.
- Pidgin: Re-arrange media window to make it more netbook-friendly.
- MSN: Support for web-based buddy icons, used when a buddy logs in to the messenger on the Live website.
- Many other additions, changes and corrections.

Pidgin 2.7.2:

- Change HTML sent from ICQ accounts so that official ICQ clients hopefully display it correctly.
- Fixed Bugs.

Pidgin 2.7.1:

- (General) Add configure option «-enable-trayicon-compat» which installs tray icons into directories that are compatible with older versions of hicolor-icon-theme (0.9).
- (MSN) Support for direct connections, enabling faster file transfers, smiley and buddy icon loading.
- (MXit) Replace the MXit-specific mood management with the new standard Moods API.
- (MXit) Add the standard MXit emoticons.
- (MXit) Improve the handling of users being kicked from MultiMX rooms.
- (MXit) Show buddy's Registration Country in their profile.
- (MXit) Increment protocol version to v6.0.
- Fixed some bugs and a minor improvement.