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Pivot Stickfigure Animator is a freeware animation application that allows you to create stick figure animations, and save them in the animated GIF format used on web pages. Pivot provides a simple, easy to use interface with a few features. Based on stickfigures, the software gives you the possibility to create an animation by moving the joints and nodes of the figures.

You can modify each Pivot Stickfigure Animator frame in any way you want, using some of the preset characters, creating your own, adding color and changing the background with your own creations. Once you are happy with the animation, hit play to see how it's turned out. You can view the frames in miniature, editing, moving or erasing them as necessary.

Features of Pivot Animator:

- Clean and well-organized interface that lets you access its main features with just a single click.
- Basic animation playback controls: play, stop, repeat.
- Create your own characters, objects and backgrounds.
- Separate option to set up animation dimensions.
- The result can be saved as .PIV project file or exported to GIF animation.


- The program offers a toolbar which does not have to be installed to use the software.
- Upon installation, Pivot Animator offers to change the homepage and default search engine of your web browser, as well as install the unnecessary toolbar.
- Offers to download or install software or components that the program does not require to fully function.

Changes in recent version (change history)

Author: Peter Bone
Price: Free
Windows: XP, Vista, 7

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