Pivot Animator


Pivot Animator 4.2.6 / 2.2.7:

- Improved error handling for corrupted files. Only one error message will show. File loading will abort.
- Support loading multiple sprites at once.
- Shortcuts for figure builder menu items.

Pivot Animator 4.1.10 / 2.2.7:

- Change dimensions in options while playing. Mucks up if objects outside animation area.
- Moved Load sprite in File menu, so that the 3 load items are together.
- Help link to html Help files.
- Figure preview not working sometimes. Abort load for corrupted files or stk files made with future versions.
- Show Russian Help in browser if language set to Russian.
- Store PIV and STK save file folders in config file. Now goes to previous folder used after closing pivot.
- Options for max and min size handles. Config file only. For the partially sited.
- Check sensible values when loaded from config file. Prevent manual modification to invalid values.
- Spanish latin replaces Spanish Mexicano.
- Croatian language added.
- New program icon.
- Removed requirement to run program on the computer it was installed on. Portable for non-beta.
- Fixed bugs.

Pivot Animator 2.2.7:

- Fixed Bugs.