Poet 1.0.5217.15967

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Poet is interactive text editor for implementation of your creative ideas. The program is very simple to learn, but at the same time has a powerful capabilities. Editor suitable for beginner and experienced users, including programmers.

You can use it for efficiently text editing and even for writing of poetry, there is "rhymer"-tool for this purpose.

Features of Poet:

- Friendly user interface.
- Thoughtful search engine.
- High speed and response on large files.
- Check the spelling of Russian and English (need an Internet connection).
- The advanced concept of  "recent files".
- Support for different encodings.
- Integration with explorer.
- Rhymer.
- Multiple shared text area.
- Full support for regular expressions in PHP- notation, including multi-line search.
- Replace with the support of substitutions.
- Syntax highlighting of modern programming and markup languages.
- Statistics and designer of regular expressions.

Changes in recent version

Author: Vladimir Makarevich
Price: Free
Windows: XP, Vista, 7, 8

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