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Process Hacker is an open source software for monitoring processes and services running on the computer. The application is a powerful tool for carrying out various manipulations with all involved processes and services in the installed Windows operating system.

Process Hacker allows users to view lists of run processes and services in a variety of forms – plain, tree, display of hidden processes and others. All processes that belong to one application are grouped into one block and marked with one color. The programs controls and monitors dynamic DLL libraries and it can detect and destroy rootkits. Any process can be closed because Process Hacker works under the core of the operating system.

Process Hacker main features:

- View statistics of run processes.
- Displays performance graphs.
- Customizable tree view list with color backlight.
- View the memory of selected processes.
- Reading and correction of security descriptors of processes, flow, markers etc.
- Hidden processes detection and prompt them to completion.
- Easy DLL unloading.
- Viewing and closing network connections.
- Disconnecting from debuggers.
- Information about tokens.

Changes in recent version

Author: Wen Jia Liu
Price: Free
Windows: 7, 8, 10

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