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QIP (Quiet Internet Pager) is a freeware multiprotocol instant messaging client. With QIP you can see which contacts are online and organize your conversations in comfortable tabs within a single window. QIP also offers a skins gallery, several languages, opinion and utility pages, etc.

QIP lets you chat with your buddies on OSCAR (ICQ, AOL), XMPP (Jabber), Mail.ru Агент, IRC, XIMSS (SIP), Facebook and Twitter without annoying pop-ups and features a cool selection of emoticons. Its most distinct feature is the tabbed message window - instead of multiple message windows open when chatting with more people, only one window with several tabs is used.

Features of QIP:

- Messages from different people in one window.
- No advertisement during the communication.
- New opportunities appear constantly.
- Large set of skins.
- Fast and light.
- History Converter.
- Languages.
- Contact Manager.
- QIP Speller.


The Full Installation Mode will change your default search engine and home page. Choose the Custom Mode in order to uncheck these options.

Changes in recent version (change history)

Author: Ilham Zyulkorneyev
Price: Free
Windows: 2K, Vista

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